Health Dept. Holds ‘Wilmington College Day’ COVID Vaccination Clinic

April 2, 2021

Students, Faculty and Staff Among 242 Registered

Wilmington College students took advantage of an opportunity currently not available to much of the nation — a COVID-19 vaccination. Some 242 members of the campus community signed up for vaccinations at Wednesday’s (March 31) clinic held by the Clinton County Health Dept at Southern State Community College’s Wilmington campus.

PICTURED: Freshman McKenna Archey receives her COVID-19 vaccine from registered nurse Susan Jacobs, who coincidentally is a WC alumna.

Effective this week, the state made vaccines available to those 16 and older, giving any WC student, faculty or staff member the opportunity to become vaccinated. Since faculty and staff members have had opportunities to receive the vaccine throughout March, students made up the vast majority of persons getting a shot in the arm.

Freshman McKenna Archey said the inoculation was painless, much less than the sting of catching a hot ground ball in the palm of her glove or the feel of a loosely held bat connecting with a pitch on a cool spring day of softball practice. In fact, her passion for the sport is part of the reason she wished to get the vaccine.

“Playing softball, I wanted to do my part to protect the team,” she said, noting the College’s team has not missed a game due to a positive COVID test as have other schools in the Ohio Athletic Conference.  Indeed, of the nearly 50 sports contests involving OAC teams that have been cancelled this semester, WC has only been involved in one, a recent volleyball match.

“I feel 100 percent fortunate that Wilmington College was able to partner with the County Health Dept. to give us this opportunity,” Archey said. “This proves WC really cares about its students and wants to offer healthy opportunities for everyone.”

Freshman Kat Lamping had a special relative in mind when she walked into the vaccine clinic. “I have a six-month-old nephew who is considered high risk, so I want to be as safe as possible,” she said.

Emelie Sterner, a junior from Sweden, was especially pleased to be able to get her vaccination, as her country is faced with very limited supplies of the vaccine. “I want to do my part in keeping COVID from spreading here in America, but, back home during the summer, I work with at-risk groups so I’m really happy to have the vaccine before going home in May.”

Adam Eckert, a senior, said he wants to do his part in seeing the COVID pandemic pass in the rearview mirror. “The more vaccines we issue, the faster things will open up — I’m anxious for things to open up!”

Since they received the two-shot Pfizer vaccine, the students will return April 21 for their booster shots.