Hannah Stevens Found Her Voice at WC

May 1, 2020

SENIOR SALUTES Honor Wilmington College’s Graduating Seniors

Senior Hannah Stevens has favorite memories of building a snowman with friends behind her Commons apartment and enjoying hot chocolate and watching Christmas movies with those whose friendship, she expects, will last a lifetime. Hannah and her friends started the Bowling Club at WC and also enjoyed attending soccer and basketball games together.

PICTURED: Hannah Stevens is all smiles.

The biology/life science major from Ashland, Ohio, credits her College experience with not only fostering friendships and leadership development, but also in preparing her academically through classroom and hands-on learning opportunities for a career in science. Hannah already has a job lined up in necropsy at Charles River Laboratories.

“I feel like WC has made me a really outspoken person and I feel like I have a voice now,” she said, noting the following advice worked for well for her as she’s become a confident and determined woman: “Be outgoing and don’t be afraid to ask someone you don’t know to eat lunch with you. That’s how I got one of my closest friends!”

SENIOR SALUTES are the result of Wilmington College’s graduating seniors completing an online survey requesting them to look back on their time at WC and share favorite memories, especially meaningful events/relationships and how their time at the College has impacted them.