Greek Awards Night Shines Light on Impressive Accomplishments

April 24, 2015

Kappa Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha Named Outstanding Greek Organizations

Wilmington College’s Greek Life awards program Thursday (April 23) provided indisputable evidence that fraternity and sorority members are at the forefront of leadership in academics, service and philanthropy at Wilmington College.

Consider these facts: five Greek organizations had a cumulative membership grade point average of 3.0 or better for the spring 2014 and/or fall 2014 semesters and 122 individuals were named to the Dean’s List with GPAs of 3.5 or better for the past spring and/or fall semesters. That group also included 21 members with perfect 4.0 averages.

(ABOVE) Bud Lewis, director of Greek Life, congratulates Kappa Delta Loryn Bryson and DTS’ Bryce Clary for being named Greek Woman and Man-of-the-Year.

Alpha Phi Kappa, Kappa Delta, Delta Theta Sigma Lil Sis and Lambda Chi Alpha all earned a 3.0 or better last spring while those organizations and Delta Omega Theta and Phi Alpha Psi Sweethearts gained that distinction last fall.

Organizations having a membership GPA above the College’s gender average were Kappa Delta, Lambda Chi Alpha and DTS Lil Sis.

Greek Life organizations with the highest GPA for spring 2014 were DTS Lil Sis and Lambda Chi Alpha, while that distinction went to Kappa Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha for fall 2014.

Talk about service and philanthropy, WC’s Greeks put in 6,472 hours of community service and raised $13,087 for charitable causes from spring break 2014 to this March.

Fraternities and sororities whose members averaged at least 25 hours each were Delta Omega Theta, DTS Lil Sis, Phi Alpha Psi Sweethearts, Psi Beta Omega, Delta Theta Sigma, Lambda Chi Alpha and Tau Kappa Beta, while those groups that raised $50 or more per member were DTS Lil Sis, Delta Omega Theta, Lambda Chi Alpha, Phi Alpha Psi Sweethearts and Kappa Delta.

Individual awards for community service and philanthropy went to Delta Theta Sigma Lil Sis for 1,819 hours and Lambda Chi Alpha for 1,089 hours of service, and DTS Lil Sis with $3,013, Phi Alpha Psi Sweethearts with $3,628 and Lambda Chi Alpha with 3,549 raised.

“There’s no group at the College that does more for the campus community than Greeks,” said Bud Lewis, director of Greek Life. “It was a good year. I really enjoyed the chemistry between the organizations — there’s a great sense of community.”

Lambda Chi and Kappa Delta earned the distinction as Greek Organizations of the Year based on Greek Excellence Standards. They were joined by Delta Omega Theta, DTS Lil Sis and Alpha Phi Kappa, which achieved the top standard, Green and White, while Phi Alpha Psi Sweethearts and Tau Kappa Beta earned the Gold Standard. Psi Beta Omega and Delta Theta Sigma received the Silver Standard.

DTS member Bryce Clary and Kappa Delta’s Loryn Bryson are the 2015 Greek Man and Woman of the Year. Other nominees were Breanna Clouiter of Alpha Phi Kappa, Kayla McIntire of Delta Omega Theta, Shelby Mann of DTS Lil Sis, Robert Madison of Lambda Chi Alpha and Tyler Carter of Tau Kappa Beta.

Cloutier received the Outstanding Greek Council Service Award and Marissa Bolan of DTS Lil Sis was named Outstanding Greek Athlete for her excellent performances as a member of the indoor and outdoor track and field teams.

In other awards, Kappa Delta and Lambda Chi Alpha were named Greek Games champions and those organizations, along with DTS Lil Sis, were recognized for adding at least 10 new members during the fall and spring semesters.