Faculty/Staff Authors Recognized in Watson Library’s Circle of Knowledge

May 7, 2015

Works Range from Books and Theses to Articles and Blogs

More than a dozen Wilmington College faculty and staff members earned recognition from their peers with the recent announcement of Watson Library’s annual Circle of Knowledge, which highlights publishing during the previous year.

Jean Mulhern, library director, said the list embraces the many ways authors reach audiences.

“This list reflects the vibrancy of the campus intellectual climate and the ways that campus authors reach out to academe and to the general public,” she said, noting that the list is a work in progress based on citations volunteered.

The 2015 Circle of Knowledge includes Dr. Douglas Burks, professor of biology, and Cathy Pitzer, assistant professor of sociology, who were included among the authors of “The Commodification of Quaker Higher Education in America as published in Quaker Higher Education.

Dr. Corey Cockerill, associate professor of communication arts and agriculture, wrote “Exploring Social Media Obstacles and Opportunities within Public Agencies: Lessons from the Ohio Division of Wildlife” for the International Journal of Business and Social Science.

Dr. Alfred Conklin Jr., professor of chemistry and agriculture, self-published the autobiographical “From Peace Corps to Fulbright, a Success Story: Travels with Al, Part 1,” while he also co-authored with Dr. Michael Goldcamp, associate professor of chemistry, and Jacob Barrett a piece titled “Determination of Ethanol in Gasoline by FT-IR Spectroscopy” for the Journal of Chemical Education.

Dr. Elizabeth Haynes, assistant professor of mathematics, co-authored “Simple Smale Flows with a Four Band Templat” in Topology and Its Applications, while Dr. Marlaina Leppert-Wahl, assistant professor of political science, wrote a thesis at the University of Cincinnati titled “Pacifist Activists: Christian Peacemakers in Palestine 1995-2014.”

Peace Resource Center coordinator Dr. Tanya Maus authored “Apotheosis and Memory: Ishii Jūji, a Savior for Our Times” in Material Religion: The Journal of Objects, Art and Belief and a piece titled “The Recollections of Tetsu: A Translation of Her Testimonial Narrative with Commentary” in U.S.-Japan Women’s Journal.

Dr. Ursula McTaggart, associate professor of English, wrote “The Empty Noose: The Trouble with Removing Spectacle from Lynching Iconography” for the Journal of Black Studies.

Dr. Stephen Potthoff, associate professor of religion and philosophy, is the author of “Dreaming Transformation: Experiences Teaching Dreams and World Mythology in the College Classroom” in the publication, Weaving Dreams Into the Classroom: Practical Ideas for Teaching about Dreams and Dreaming at Every Grade Level, Including Adult Education.

Dr. D. Neil Snarr, emeritus professor of sociology, wrote “FCNL Spring Lobby Weekend” for Quaker Life, while Dr. Stephen A. Stovall, associate professor of management and Stolle Chair, authored an article titled “That’s Nice to Hear!” for Beauty Store Business.

Dr. Steven S. Vickner, associate professor of agriculture, is the author of “Estimating the Implicit Price of Convenience: A Hedonic Analysis of the U.S. Breakfast Sausage Market,” which was published in Agribusiness: An International Journal.

Other examples of publishing include adjunct instructor Allen L. Beatty’s creative blog postings at http://writehere.com/welcome and Dr. Marta Wilkinson, associate professor of English, who reviewed Dostoevsky’s Brothers Karamazov: Art, Creativity, and Spirituality for The Russian Review.