College Recognized Among ‘Best Regional Colleges — Midwest’

May 2, 2018

College Consensus Features WC in Inaugural Rankings

A new college review organization in its inaugural rankings has recognized Wilmington College among its Best Regional Colleges in the entire Midwest Region.

College Consensus ranked WC 40th in the multi-state region, which features hundreds of institutions of higher learning. Cottey College in Missouri landed the number one spot while other universities that Wilmington College knows well — like Cedarville, Ohio Northern and Mount Union — were featured with WC among the selections from Ohio. Harvard was named the best national university.

College Consensus describes it ranking system as unique — and comprehensive.

“It’s not just one voice stating an opinion – it’s many, many voices, computed objectively and equally,” said Carrie Sealey-Morris, the aggregator’s managing editor. “The College Consensus method allows every institution, from the richest and best-known university to the smallest and hardest-working regional college, to demonstrate what they do best.

“Students who are actually there day to day have as much say about their college as experts who have never visited, making sure that all of those perspectives mean an even playing field for every college and university.”

College Consensus bases its rankings using several rating systems, including Forbes and U.S. News & World Report, along with verified student reviews from sites like Students Review and Unigo — summing it up into one rating.

The Best Regional Colleges — Midwest states that it highlights the small public and private bachelor’s and associate’s degree colleges “that don’t get the glory but make a difference in students’ lives.”