College Reaching Out to Students, Faculty & Staff Affected by Government Shutdown

January 22, 2019

Few might have imagined in mid-December that the government would sustain a partial shutdown of record length.

As the government employees forced to accept job furloughs and working without paychecks enter a second month, Wilmington College is reaching out to its students and employees affected by the shutdown.

President Jim Reynolds said the institution would do what it can to assist those members of the College community that are directly suffering adverse affects and financial hardship as a result of family members not receiving government paychecks.

“Our hearts go out to our students, faculty and staff whose families are feeling a strain and negative impact of the government shutdown — through no fault of their own,” he said. “We wish to offer both moral support and other ways that may be available to ease their anxiety. Obviously, we hope the partial government shutdown is resolved as quickly as possible and all government officials involved give special consideration to the human toll associated with their action and inaction,” Reynolds added.

Students, faculty and staff who find themselves in this situation are encouraged to contact Dennis Kelly, senior vice president for enrollment management, via email at