Chad Warman: ‘Each of My Classes Offered Me a Bigger Picture of the World’

May 14, 2020

SENIOR SALUTES Honor Wilmington College’s Graduating Seniors

Chad Warman, a graduating senior who attended Wilmington College Cincinnati Branch, recalls his very first class, GL129 with Brian Snowden. “This class opened my views of the world,” he said, noting that initial class set the stage for his looking at life in a different light. “My most memorable positive experience, to be honest, was I really liked all my classes and professors. Each class had its own unique way of bringing a bigger picture of the world to life.”

PICTURED: Chad Warman.

Chad is a nontraditional student from Mason who worked full time at General Tool Company while going to school. He mentioned that, while being a nontraditional student who maybe didn’t experience the extracurricular activities often associated with college life, he still takes with him plenty of good memories. “Wilmington did a great job of allowing growth as well as providing informative discussions in class,” he said.

Chad hopes to continue his education by pursuing an MBA at Xavier. He knows of both the struggles and challenges faced by nontraditional students but insists it’s all been worth it as he’s bettered himself and is now positioned to pursue new options when the time is right.

“Stick with it,” he says to his peers, whether they’ve been in school for a semester or have been going on and off for 40 years. “This degree took me eight years — it started with one class a semester. Life throws a lot at you and it will never get any easier to finish. But keep trucking and never give up!


 SENIOR SALUTES are the result of Wilmington College’s graduating seniors completing an online survey requesting them to look back on their time at WC and share favorite memories, especially meaningful events/relationships and how their time at the College has impacted them.