Celeste Nye: ‘I have gained a great deal of confidence in my abilities and knowledge’

June 12, 2020

SENIOR SALUTES Honor Wilmington College’s Graduating Seniors

2020 graduate Celeste Nye was impressed with the availability of her WC professors and how receptive they were to engaging in conversation outside the classroom. Celeste, who’s from Washington Court House, majored in agriculture/agronomy with a minor in English.

PICTURED: Celeste Nye

“Most of my favorite memories involve talking with my agriculture professors in their offices, often with fellow classmates, which is always a great time,” she said. “I have so many hilarious memories from my agriculture classes and labs that I can’t pick a favorite.

Celeste especially enjoyed attending the Women in AG events at WC. “The speakers always have valuable information about working in the agriculture industry, both as a woman and in general. I’ve learned so much from their stories about their lives and work experiences.”

Unfortunately, an experience she was really anticipating had to be canceled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “I had an internship for this summer at the Asian Rural Institute eco-farm in Japan,” she said, adding that she has plans to attend graduate school, but is still deciding on the details.

Celeste looks back upon her time at WC as period of personal growth. “I have gained a great deal of confidence in my abilities and knowledge since I came to WC,” she said. “My professors have really pushed and encouraged me to believe in myself and what I’m capable of — and I don’t think I can express my gratitude enough for that.”

Even though she commuted from home all these years, Celeste still feels she was a part of the WC community — “Especially with my fellow agriculture students. My professors have been fantastic, and I’ve made so many friends and connections at WC!”

As for advice to future seniors, Celeste returns to the great experience she had in knowing her faculty members. “Get to know your professors, take internship opportunities, put your best foot forward in your studies and go see a WC play — they’re fantastic! Also, try to reach past your comfort zone, and make the effort to connect with others.”

SENIOR SALUTES are the result of Wilmington College’s graduating seniors completing an online survey requesting them to look back on their time at WC and share favorite memories, especially meaningful events/relationships and how their time at the College has impacted them.