Athletic Training Program Recognized as ‘Great Oaks Business Partner-of-the-Month’

February 26, 2016

Jennifer Walker Also Cited for Outstanding Contribution to Advisory Council

Great Oaks Career Campuses praised Wilmington College’s athletic training program and associate professor Jennifer Walker for their support of the sports rehabilitation and therapy program at the Laurel Oaks campus in Wilmington.

(PICTURED) Jennifer Walker is pictured with, from the left, Mark Hart, assistant dean at Laurel Oaks, and Brian Robinson, sports rehabilitation and therapy instructor at Laurel Oaks.

It named the AT program as “Business Partner-of-the-Month” for February at its recent awards breakfast.

Brian Robinson, sports rehabilitation and therapy instructor at Laurel Oaks, praised Walker for her work as a member of the Business Industry Advisory Council since its inception at Laurel Oaks.

“Her commitment to her own profession carries that knowledge and insight to our program and the future of many of our students who are pursuing a career in healthcare,” Robinson said, noting that Wilmington College has provided Laurel Oaks students with direct access to campus tours and interaction with many on the athletic training staff, as well as providing field experience opportunities for students that have been accepted to Wilmington College during the spring of their senior year.

“Jennifer and (WC’s program director) Larry Howard have also been in direct contact with students during our Sports Rehab Lab Competency Day at Laurel Oaks, as well as being guest speakers for our program,” he added. “We greatly appreciate the time, effort and insight Wilmington College has brought to our students and the sports rehab program at Laurel Oaks.”