Ashley Dailey: ‘WC Allowed Me to Fully Embrace Who I Am and Who I Am Meant to Become’

April 28, 2020

SENIOR SALUTES Honor Wilmington College’s Graduating Seniors

Senior Ashley Dailey is looking forward to pursuing her dreams in late May when she moves to the Sawtooth Mountain Range in Stanley, Idaho, to work as a wrangler for Diamond D Ranch.

PICTURED: Ashley Dailey is taking her equine and agribusiness experience to the Mountain West.

The agribusiness major from Mechanicsburg, Ohio, was an active member on the Equestrian Team for more than two years, along with being in both the Honors and WISE (Wilmington Institute for Stewardship & Engagement) programs. She also traveled to six countries as part of College study tours and was a four-year member of Psi Beta Omega sorority.

“My Wilmington College experience helped me in becoming secure and confident in myself as a young woman,” Ashley said. “The atmosphere and encouragement at WC allowed me to fully embrace who I am and who I am meant to become.”

She credits former equine business management faculty member Bethany Siehr and the equine program with helping guide her to her future in the mountains of Idaho. “If not for Bethany, I would not be on the personal or career path I am now,” she said, noting her professor encouraged her more than anything else “to let go of all my trepidations and to follow my heart. Now, my life is completely changed. My advice to anyone is to find the passion that lights a fire in you — and, regardless of fears, follow that passion no matter what.”

As April is turning to May and Ashley has been away from campus since March, she fondly recalls normal days as actually being extraordinary: “Walking to class with friends on sunny days and just being present to those friendships and the beauty of campus. I’ll remember the feeling of ‘home’ more than anything.”


SENIOR SALUTES are the result of Wilmington College’s graduating seniors completing an online survey requesting them to look back on their time at WC and share favorite memories, especially meaningful events/relationships and how their time at the College has impacted them.