Alaunna Nelson: ‘I Learned So Much Through the Mentor Program’

June 4, 2020

SENIOR SALUTES Honor Wilmington College’s Graduating Seniors

Soon-to-be graduate Alaunna Nelson said her time at Wilmington College was one of personal growth while transitioning to become a woman. “I enjoyed being away from home, learning to make sound decisions on my own, growing and maturing,” she said. “A lot of experiences I’ve had at WC I would’ve never experienced at home and I am forever grateful.”

PICTURED: Alaunna Nelson

Alaunna is a psychology major from Cleveland who is working at the Cleveland Rape Crisis Center. She also is an active “YouTuber.” Included in an eventful time at WC, Alaunna is especially proud of her work in the Mentor Program, as a resident assistant and as a member of Sigma Gamma Rho sorority.

Some of her favorite memories are traveling, “chattering my sorority on campus” and game night with her mentees. “My most unexpected positive experience at WC was being in the mentor program,” she said. “I learned so much through the program and made lifelong friends in the process. I will forever be grateful to have been a mentor as well as a mentee through this program.”

Alaunna offered three pieces of advice to future seniors: (1) “Your course catalog is your best friend. An advisor is a plus but it’s up to you in the end on what classes to take. (2) Do what’s best for you. Sometimes that means saying no and stepping back a little. It’s OK. (3) Take advantage of the traveling opportunities.”

SENIOR SALUTES are the result of Wilmington College’s graduating seniors completing an online survey requesting them to look back on their time at WC and share favorite memories, especially meaningful events/relationships and how their time at the College has impacted them.