Agriculture Students Experience State-of-the-Art Tractor

December 5, 2017

John Deere 9570 RX Uses Satellite Technology 

At first glance, with its tank tracks and futuristic styling, the John Deere 9570 RX looks like a tractor from the Star Wars saga.

PICTURED: From the left, WC alumni Tim Alexander and Matthew Middleton explain the tractor’s satellite-based guidance system to Sam Richer, a junior agriculture student.

Wilmington College agriculture students realized the future is now when two WC alumni from JD Equipment, Inc. Wilmington demonstrated the tractor Monday afternoon (Dec. 4) at the College’s Academic Farm.

Tim Alexander, a 1986 graduate, and Matthew Middleton, from the Class of 2015, showed what one of John Deere’s top-of-the-line tractors has to offer: speed, power, control, comfort, style and, well, Star Wars.

“The technology makes it extraordinary,” Alexander said, noting its satellite technology and guidance system can do everything from steer itself to document data and even notify the dealer’s service department of a malfunction — possibly before even the person driving realizes there’s a problem.

Dr. Monte Anderson, professor of agriculture, said it’s important for students to understand the fast-paced, cutting edge technology inherent to the industry. “We’ve made this quantum leap in technology in such a short period of time,” he said, “We can talk about it in class, but seeing it in action is reality.”

And part of that reality is the price tag — well over a quarter million dollars — however, when considering what John Deere claims the 9570 RX can accomplish, this equipment obviously is ideal for many farmers’ requirements.

For the dreamers out there, a 1/64 scale model can be yours on eBay for $125.