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Tanya Maus

Phone: 937.481.2371
Position: Director

Address Location: Peace Resource Center

Mailbox Location: Pyle Box: 1183

As a strong woman and Quaker activist, Peace Resource Center (PRC) founder Barbara Reynolds imparts a powerful, unifying identity to the PRC. She reveals how personal conviction leads to political and global action and awareness. She represents “hands on living” to the fullest. I hope that those at Wilmington College and the local community will continue to be inspired by Barbara’s life and activism through the Peace Resource Center. –Dr. Tanya Maus

Peace Resource Center Director, Tanya Maus, holds a PhD in modern Japanese history from the University of Chicago. Over the past decade, she has taught numerous history courses on the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki as well as Japanese imperialism in East Asia. She has served as the director of the PRC since January 2015, where she tends to the care and preservation of its Barbara Reynolds Memorial Archives, making its diverse contents widely accessible to researchers, humanities scholars, journalists, artists, undergraduate/high school students and the public.

Through the Peace Resource Center and its archives, Dr. Maus seeks to expand the local, regional, national and international awareness of the experience and danger of nuclear war—a mission embodied in the lifelong Quaker peace activism of the PRC’s founder Barbara Reynolds and the PRC’s internationally famous historical collection regarding the legacies of nuclear war. She sees the life and work of the Peace Resource Center’s founder, Barbara Reynolds, as integral to the PRC’s identity and operation.

Tanya Maus Curriculum Vitae