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Kendra Cipollini

Phone: 937.481.2367
Position: Professor of Biology

Address Location: Center for the Sciences and Agriculture, Room 118
Mailbox Location: Pyle Box 1287

More Info:

Kendra Cipollini received her B.S. in Biology summa cum laude from The George Washington University and her Ph.D. from The Pennsylvania State University. After working as Ecologist for the US Environmental Protection Agency in Chicago and as Director of Science for The Nature Conservancy of Ohio, Kendra Cipollini began her tenure-track position at Wilmington College in 2004. Kendra Cipollini’s classes include plant biology, ecology, evolution, and environmental science. Field courses that she teaches include tropical ecology and conservation (with a two-week field component in Costa Rica) and marine ecology (with a ten-day field component in North Carolina). She is the author of ~20 scientific papers, many written in collaboration with students. She has been awarded nearly $100,000 in external funding to support her research with students at Wilmington College. Research interests include invasive species ecology, endangered species biology and conservation genetics. Professional memberships include Phi Beta Kappa, The Ecological Society of America, and Natural Areas Association.

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