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Global Education

Wilmington College’s global education program seeks to lead students to a life of success and service in an increasingly interconnected world.

Why Global Education?

According to the American Association of Colleges and Universities, 96% of employers rate intercultural skills and 53% rate knowledge of global issues as important considerations when hiring graduates.

In a sequence of four classes, students take a journey towards the type of global awareness that employers are looking for, increasing their understanding of

the perspectives of cultures other than their own;

global issues, particularly as they relate to peace, social justice, and/or ecology;

and the interconnectedness of the world and their roles as engaged members of a global community.

GL 425 Course Descriptions 2017-18


Photo: Haitian-American author and activist Jean-Robert Cadet signs his book for freshman Sydney Gammon.


Student's Perspective


“This course has had a major effect on my thinking; I have realized that I am a global citizen, and I can have a huge impact on the world around me even though I am a young college student.”

– Alena Moore

“The opportunity to create and customize a unique service abroad experience served as an avenue to better myself as well as experience the world. I have invented a personal philosophy to always treat each and every person that I come into contact with with the same exultation and elation as the Maasai tribe bestowed upon us. Since my return, I have witnessed the effects that my travels have had on my job search and my professional pursuits and would recommend without reservation becoming globally involved in your community.”

– Erin Wollett, Class of 2015