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Special Projects

Biology Student Research Projects


By making a gift you will be DIRECTLY supporting student research projects and become a member of the research team!

There are currently six amazing projects in need of your support such as worm genes that affect longevity, mitochondrial and dog breed variation, Effects of Native and Invasive Plants on Native Caterpillars, Using Herbal Extracts as a cure for Parasites, and The Effects of a new artificial sweetener on fruit flies.

Each of these projects needs very unique and expensive equipment in order to succeed. For instance these examples what you can provide for a gift of:

  • $50 will purchase caterpillar eggs
  • $100 will purchase fruit flies and their culturing supplies
  • $150 will purchase housing supplies for the mice
  • $449 will purchase a flash gel dock
  • $550 will purchase a case of micropiptteor tips

If you would like to see Biology students at work and to see these projects progress, visit the Wilmington College Biology Department Facebook Page!

Goal: $5,000


Wilmington College Multicultural Resource Center

Alumni-BSI-House-Special-ProjectsThe Wilmington College Office of Multicultural Affairs coordinates cultural and social programs designed to educate and inspire all students. Its mission is to promote an inclusive college climate by acting as an educational resource that prepares students to succeed in a diverse society.

Through the years, Wilmington College has benefited from the presence of its diverse community of student leaders and now the Office of Multicultural affairs wants to honor its multicultural alums by embarking on a redecoration and dedication project that will appeal to current students as well as past.

For years, BSI (Black Student Initiative), once known as CBS and MSU (Concerned Black Student and the Multicultural Student Union), has benefitted from the usage of what was once called the CBS House as a meeting and event space. With this usage comes the need for upkeep and eventual modifications.

The vision for this project is to bridge the past WC generations with today’s culture by redecorating the interior of the house with nostalgic items and photos. A wall mural and timeline will be designed to pay tribute to many of the individuals and organizations whom have contributed to the multicultural presence that we now enjoy on campus. Along with doing this, there is hope to rename, repurpose and dedicate this space as the Wilmington College Multicultural Resource Center. Along with being a meeting space for BSI, the intention is to make this an all campus resource, where any WC organization can come and utilize the space. Diversity is one of Wilmington College’s core values and all should be able to see and recognize the presence that WC celebrates.

Costs associated with this project are:

  • New Carpet and Flooring: $2,000
  • Customized Wallpaper Mural: $500
  • New/Replace Furniture $500 – $1000
  • Work supplies and materials: $200
  • Interior Lighting Globes: $60

Goal: $5,000


Support the Quaker Heritage Center

QHC-Special-ProjectEach year we host 2 to 3 powerful exhibits that center around Quakerism. In order to make these the best exhibits possible we are looking to our friends for a helping hand.

One of the most important elements of any exhibit is the lighting and currently ours is very expensive to upkeep and is not the best for our exhibits.  With 20 brand new energy efficient LED track light fixtures and bulbs we can be more energy efficient and produce a top-tier experience for our visitors. These new bulbs are good for 40,000 hours…. easily over 10 years’ worth of lighting, as opposed to our current fixtures, where we replace bulbs roughly once every 6 months. So with a gift of $150 you will be providing light for over 25 exhibits in the next ten years!

Every item that is on display needs to be kept safe and currently we do not have enough equipment to do so. In order to accomplish this we need 6 acrylic cases and for a gift of $80 we can purchase one 12” square table- or shelf-top case – the perfect size for displaying household goods, unframed photos, memorabilia, and…bonnets!

You can also make a gift of any amount to contribute towards either of these critical needs that we have here at the Quaker Heritage Center.

Goal: $4,000


Beautify the College Farm

College-Farm-Project1Join Don Chafin in an effort to beautify the Wilmington College farm! Your gift will help plant new flowers near the highway, construct signage to better designate college farms, and to help with the planting of native prairie grasses.

Goal: $5,000