Wilmington Succeeds Program

Wilmington College Fall 2014 – Fall 2017

Wilmington College will be providing unique financial support to graduates of the Wilmington City Schools district as part of the Wilmington Succeeds program. These resources will provide these local students with additional financial grants for choosing to live and work in Wilmington, OH following graduation from Wilmington College.

Wilmington College will provide Junior-level students, as determined by Wilmington College, with a special grant which will be forgiven at 75% of the grant value upon the students’ graduation (month and year determined by Wilmington College). The remaining 25% of the grant will be forgiven when the Wilmington College graduate remains a resident of the city of Wilmington for two years commencing immediately upon said graduation month and year. Wilmington College, in awarding this grant, intends first and foremost to support WHS students and their families who could not afford a college education without the support of Wilmington College, SSCC, and federal and state grants.

Wilmington College Program Criteria and Guidelines (effective Fall 2015)

  • In order to be eligible for the Wilmington Succeeds program, a student must graduate from Wilmington High School (WHS) after spending a minimum of two years of study at WHS.
  • WHS graduates (2014 and beyond) have the option upon being admitted into Wilmington College to either: 1) enroll directly into Wilmington College as a first time freshman; 2) enroll directly into Wilmington College as a student with advanced credits; or 3) transfer directly from Southern State Community College (SSCC) with an earned AA or AS degree. SSCC is currently the exclusive transfer college of choice to be eligible for the Wilmington Succeeds Grant at Wilmington College.
  • It is the purview of Wilmington College to determine the semester at which the student becomes eligible for the grant. It is the students’ sole responsibility to have all transferred dual enrollment credits and/or SSCC credits sent to Wilmington College.
  • Each student is eligible for four semesters of grant funds, understanding that each student must remain continuously enrolled as a full-time undergraduate student on the main campus through graduation and remain in both good academic and social status as outlined by the College Catalog and Student Handbook.
  • All Wilmington Succeeds Grant recipients will be required to file a FAFSA form each year at Wilmington College through graduation. The range of each grant for each of the four semesters will then be determined based on individual need levels.

The Wilmington Succeeds Grant is ONLY applied towards tuition and fees. The grant will not be applied towards the following costs: room, meal plans, summer classes at Wilmington College or other institutions, additional costs incurred by taking more than the allotted 18 credits during a regular fall and spring semester, books and supplies, and travel related charges as a direct result of Study Abroad or other similar Cultural immersion travel.

Wilmington College recently lowered the cost of tuition starting fall 2015 by $4,620 as a way to provide greater access to those students who are interested in a college education but may not have sufficient financial funding to attend. Correspondingly, for students currently enrolled at either Wilmington College or SSCC who are in the WHS class of 2014 and beyond and who begin their junior year in college starting in fall 2015, will have the opportunity of receiving a Wilmington Succeeds grant of up to $10,000 over that four semester period spanning their junior and senior years.

Each 2014 WHS graduate and beyond has the responsibility of meeting with their Academic Advisor to determine what semester their junior year at Wilmington College and when their Wilmington College Succeeds Grant will begin. In addition, each student must complete a form found in the One Stop Center located in the Pyle Student Center, declaring their eligibility for the program during the last semester before their eligibility begins. Transfer students who graduate from SSCC with an earned associate degree must work with their Advisor during the enrollment process before the fall or spring semester to determine junior status immediately upon enrollment during their initial semester.

Each student will be required to complete and sign a form letter stating their intent to fulfill the following:

  1. Continuous enrollment through graduation as a full-time undergraduate student; and
  2. Completion and submission of a FAFSA form in a timely fashion each year through graduation. In order to receive the full benefit of the Wilmington Succeeds grant, a student must graduate and reside in Wilmington, OH for a minimum of two years upon graduation.

Failure to comply with all of the stated obligations will cause the student to forfeit all grant monies awarded by Wilmington College and the student will be required to repay Wilmington College the full amount of the Wilmington Succeeds grant awarded to date.

For more information on The Wilmington College Succeeds Grant email the College at AFFORDINGWC@wilmington.edu.