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Cost Containment Actions

Q: How much are we cutting from the 2017-18 budget?

A: We are cutting $562,000 from the FY1718 budget. In subsequent years, taking the full annual impact, this represents a cut of $719,000.

Q: What are the cuts?

A: The cuts are being made in departments across campus and are not limited to a single area. All programs and positions were reviewed.

Q: Is any consideration being given to offering a voluntary retirement incentive?

A: The Working Group is evaluating all possible programs that can allow the College to restructure to better meet the student educational needs of the current educational marketplace.

Q: Will my benefits be suspended?

A: The details of medical coverage benefit continuation has been provided to each person whose position has been eliminated. Terminated employees are eligible for continuation of medical coverage for a period of 18 months. Benefits will continue for all other employees.

Q: Can I work 9 or 10 months a year and get paid less but still keep my benefits?

A: The ability of an employee to work less than 12 months is dependent on the needs of the College. If an employee desires to work less than 12 months per year, the person should meet with their manager to ascertain whether this revised schedule can be accommodated from a work load perspective and Human Resources is available to discuss how their salary and benefits would be affected.

Q: What if I have a cost containment idea? With whom should I discuss it?

A: You may either address this issue with your immediate supervisor or provide the information directly to a member of the Working Group for discussion by that group, which includes all members of the President’s Council and President Jim Reynolds. In addition, you may also send questions or ideas via this form.