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Q: How are these changes being communicated to WC employees?

A: A detailed communication plan has been developed to inform our campus of the changes. This plan includes direct communications from the President’s office in the form of emails, campus wide meetings, information posted on the Intranet and WC website as well as through personal conversations.

Q: How are these changes being communicated to the external WC community?

A: The same information provided to the internal community is available to our external audiences via the landing page Vision 2020.

Q: Will we address these changes on our WC website?

A: A new landing page Vision 2020 has been created on the WC website that includes answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) as well as the Vision 2020 whitepaper, the WC Strategic Plan and a press release about this phase of Vision 2020.

Q: What should I tell a student if they are concerned about these changes?

A: WC is making strategic programming changes to better meet the interests and demands of today’s student. That coupled with our organizational realignment will enable WC to build upon its solid financial base (strong endowment and assets), reduce its deficit and invest in a better student educational experience today and tomorrow.

Q: Who can I talk to if I have questions?

A: Your VP is ready and available to answer any questions or concerns you may have. If for some reason the question is one that you feel would be better addressed to Jim Reynolds, please consult with Leslie Nichols to schedule a time on his calendar. If you are feeling overwhelmed by this process and need to speak with someone in a confidential manner our campus counselors are available and can be contacted. Any conversations with them are strictly confidential in accordance with client confidentiality laws

Q: If someone from the press calls me, to whom should I direct them?

A: All press requests should be directed immediately to Randy Sarvis, Director of Public Relations, or to Jim Reynolds. It is imperative that we speak with a consistent clear voice so it is best that those most knowledgeable about the situation speak for the College.

Q: Will there be open meetings on campus to discuss this sustainability phase of the Vision 2020 plan or provide the Administration with our feedback?

A: There will be open meetings scheduled in the near future to discuss our situation and the resulting actions taken. You will be notified by the President’s office once all the logistics of these meetings have been finalized.