The Wilmington Difference

Discover what sets you apart.

This is your chance—to apply what you learn inside the classroom through experiences outside of it;
to put your thinking to the test every day; to learn even more from each new experience;
and to be ready for what comes next.

That’s what we mean by the Wilmington Difference.

Wise Program

You always felt like you had the power to make a difference. Like the dirt under your fingernails was a memento of success. You felt drawn to be a steward of the people, the land, or the earth’s resources—and you knew it was about time to engage, seriously.

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Quick Facts
Students on Main Campus
Founded by the Religious Society of Friends
New State-of-the-Art Facilities
Students Receive Financial Aid
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Wilmington in the World, the World in Wilmington

This timeline shows the many international opportunities offered to Wilmington College students, staff and faculty to gain hands-on experience in the global community and to share our Quaker values.

Wilmington in the World

Hands-on learning. Hands-on living.

At Wilmington College, your education doesn’t end when you leave the lecture hall. It’s what happens all around you. It’s constant. It’s hands-on. It pushes you to grow—intellectually, physically, and spiritually. And, most important, it prepares you for a lifetime of success and service to others. End of story.

Hands-On Promise
Special Centers


Quaker Heritage Center

On display September 1st through December 11th, “Celebration of the Decade”.

Quaker Heritage Center


Isaac Harvey Fund

Isaac Harvey Fund Provides Students with Travel Opportunities Related to Peace and Social Justice

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Peace Resource CENTER

Home to the largest collection (outside of Japan) of materials related to the Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombings.

Peace Resource Center