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Support Men’s Soccer

WC Men’s Soccer Alumni and Friends,

When I retired from coaching, one of my goals was to stay connected with the team and help Alex raise the much-needed support from the alumni and families of WC Soccer. Alex has outlined a very thoughtful and purposeful appeal for support of the WC’s Men’s Soccer program and a promise to focus his fundraising efforts in the month of March. His request reminds me of the challenges that most collegiate soccer programs face. While a few exceptional programs have great institutional funding, most do not and need to rely on the support of alumni, friends, and families of the program.

During my time as head coach, there were many years where our budget was insufficient and we relied on the generous support of our Soccer Boosters and a few alumni who stepped up to help us. I am confident that most of you had a great experience as a Wilmington College Men’s Soccer player and that you have fond memories of games, post-season play, international travel, and lots of time with teammates playing the beautiful game while at WC.

One of the best ways to show your appreciation for the Men’s Soccer program is by making an annual financial donation or by making smaller monthly gifts to the Upper 90. Some of you have done this with great consistency and it is very much appreciated, but we need more of you to jump on board and show your appreciation, remembering how you benefited from others’ generosity while you were in the program.

There are over 500 WC Men’s Soccer alumni and we need your participation and your willingness to give back. Alex’s financial target goal could be easily met if we could count on everyone’s participation with a gift of $50 or more.

So, don’t wait, or put it off, act now and please join me in giving back to the program at whatever level will work best for you and your family. I know it will make a difference!!

Make your gift today!


Thank you for your support,

Bud Lewis
Former Wilmington College Men’s Soccer Coach