Clinton County Succeeds

The Clinton County Succeeds Program is a unique way that Wilmington College supports students from the local community. Eligible students can receive up to a $10,000 loan-to-grant award. The program has two pathways to enter: enrolling directly at Wilmington College as a freshman, or transferring to Wilmington College from Southern State Community College with an AA, AS or AAS.

Success Stories

In past years, Wilmington College offered the Wilmington Succeeds program to graduates of Wilmington High School. The success of this program inspired Wilmington College to open a similar program to all of Clinton County. Thus, the Clinton County Succeeds Program was born.

In the fall of 2018, Wilmington College welcomed its first Clinton County Succeeds program participants. Wilmington College awarded nearly $100,000 to 47 Clinton County students for the 2018-2019 academic year and has awarded over $200,000 in total through the two Succeeds programs. Read on to see exactly how the Succeeds programs are benefiting these students.

Succeeds_KatieKatie Hughes

Animal Science
Clinton County Succeeds

The Clinton County Succeeds program has assisted me financially while I further my education. The program is a wonderful way area students can help make Clinton County successful during their time at Wilmington College and in the future. I have the opportunity to receive a high quality education at an affordable price, and I have the Clinton County Succeeds program to thank for that!

Succeeds_WilliamWilliam Rannells

Clinton County Succeeds

Clinton County Succeeds is a great opportunity for any Clinton County graduate. This fantastic program has allowed me to continue my education with less financial burden than would have been possible elsewhere. This loan-to-grant program allows for WC and its graduates to give back to their wonderful community.

Succeeds_SavannahSavannah Hooper

Biology-Health Sciences
Wilmington Succeeds

Wilmington is succeeding! There is no time greater than the present to attend WC! This loan to grant has made it possible for me to pursue the career of my dreams, and I plan to one day “pay it back” by being a contributing member of our wonderful community!

Succeeds_VanessaVanessa McKee

Criminal Justice
Wilmington Succeeds

With additional funding from the Wilmington Succeeds program, I can now focus on both my academics and career path with minimal stress. In essence, this grant has greatly assisted me in my journey to further my education by providing stability. Paired with a thorough plan, this Wilmington Succeeds opportunity has provided me with the confidence needed to pursue my goals.

Requirements for Eligibility

The student must graduate high school during or after the spring of 2018 and meet one of the following criteria:

  1. He or she has resided in Clinton County for at least two years and attended a private, public or home school in the county.
  2. He or she has resided in Clinton County for at least two years and attended a school outside of Clinton County.
  3. He or she lives outside of Clinton County but has attended a school in Clinton County for at least two years and graduated from that school.
Program Requirements

In order to stay enrolled in the program, the student must meet the following requirements:

  1. Maintain academic and social good standing
  2. Maintain full-time enrollment
  3. File the FAFSA each year
Loan-to-Grant Conversion

Upon graduation from Wilmington College, 100% of the loan will be converted to a grant. Once the loan becomes a grant, there is no obligation for repayment.

If a student does not meet the program requirements, the student will forfeit all grant monies awarded by Wilmington College to date and the student will be required to repay Wilmington College the full amount of the Clinton County Succeeds loan awarded to date.

Award Determination

The loan to grant award covers tuition only. This means it cannot be applied to fees, room, and board, summer classes, study abroad, or credits above the 18 credit hour per semester maximum.

The full amount of the award will be determined based on financial need as demonstrated by the FAFSA. This will be calculated on a yearly basis.

Freshman Entry Pathway

Up to the following amounts:

Year One $2,000
Year Two $2,000
Year Three $3,000
Year Four $3,000
Total $10,000

The loan-to-grant award is available for up to eight undergraduate semesters.

The student is eligible even if they have advanced status from Advanced Placement credits or College Credit Plus.

SSCC Transfer Pathway

Up to the following amounts:

First Year $3,000
Second Year $3,000
Total $6,000

The student must transfer directly from Southern State Community College with an AA, AAS or AS degree.

The loan-to-grant award is available for up to four undergraduate semesters.

The student must contact WC’s Student One Stop Center during their transfer process to enroll in the program.


If this program seems like a good fit for you, please consider filling out our free application for admittance to Wilmington College. If you qualify for this program, it will automatically become part of your financial aid award!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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