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The primary focus of BSI is to unify students of Wilmington College from various backgrounds and ethnicities. The organization, though initiated by African American students, strives to provide a welcoming and comfortable environment where all students of varying backgrounds may express, celebrate and share their heritage. BSI sponsors a wide variety of activities and programs with the goal of increasing cultural awareness and involvement throughout the entire campus and surrounding community.

For more information contact Chip Murdock (ext. 235).

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BSI ReunionStudent Experience

“My goal for being active in BSI is to be as much involved with the people who are just like myself, and minority students, as possible. I want to work with students with common interests, to be there for, protect the safety of each other, and share the interest of having a safe space for minority students to succeed- while being able to merge with different environments. My vision is to become someone that students like me can come to not only have as a supporter but someone who will also push them to get closer with their people and achieve goals while doing so.

The importance of having BSI on a campus such as ours, a P.W.I., (in my opinion) is to bring together the outnumbered amount of minority students, and create a safe space for them to be able to come and feel comfortable, share common interests with students like themselves, and feel a family-like environment while away from home. It’s very vital that we minority students feel like we can come and work together to help each other succeed in a place that we may not be as understood as others, or even welcomed (whether it is shown or not). My opinion is that we must help each other move forward so we can continue to break barriers that the ones before us worked their lives for.” – Brandon X. Tumlin, President