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Agronomy ClubAgronomy Club

As one of the Agriculture clubs on campus, we strive to promote agriculture to the Wilmington
College community and beyond. With a main focus on professional development, we coordinate
various guest speakers and farm tours throughout the year while collaborating with similar clubs
and professionals across the nation at Regional and International American Society of Agronomy
meetings. An Agriculture major is not required for membership, but simply an interest and passion
for the growing industry.

Executive Board

  • President: Patrick Copeland (513.280.7885)
  • Vice President: Abby Hissong (937.703.8186)
  • Secretary: Caroline Liggett
  • Treasurer: Jonathan Vance
  • Historian: Kaitlin Kestermann
  • Student Organization Director (Public Relations): Sawyer Starrett
  • Advisor: Monte Anderson


Patrick Copeland
Vice President

Student Experiences

Felicity HudsonI joined Agronomy Club as a freshman to make new friends on campus. This club also has given me amazing opportunities to learn more about agriculture through the clubs Cover Crop Symposium and farm tour at Swallow Hills Dairy. I’m forever grateful for the memories I made my first year as a member of the Club. – Felicity Hudson

Jonathan T. VanceSince my acceptance at Wilmington College in the fall of 2019, the Agronomy Club has been a staple in my college experience. From farm tours to local dairies and crop producers, too very informative Agricultural speakers, it has never been a dull moment. I look forward to seeing what the agronomy club has in store for us this coming year. My only regret is that coming in as a transfer I only have two, instead of four years to participate in this great club. – Jonathan T. Vance

Ali DixonThe Wilmington College Agronomy Club provides a variety of opportunities for students. One of
my most cherished experiences has been attending the 2019 International Annual Meeting in San

Antonio, TX. Throughout my time in the Lonestar state, I was able to tour a variety of agricultural
operations and network with many individuals within the industry. – Ali Dixon

Gunner LeeAgronomy club allowed me to meet other students that are passionate about agriculture, and it gave us the opportunities to build connections within our field. I would recommend our club to anyone because of the great experiences I have been given through my time in this organization. – Gunner Lee