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Aggies & Collegiate 4H

WC Student Agriculture Society

The Wilmington College Aggies is a not-for-profit campus organization the sponsors on and off campus activities such as the Aggies Judging Contest. Each year, the Aggies club offers a five-hundred dollar scholarship to incoming an incoming freshman showing exemplary academics and leadership in high school, in hopes the student will be an active member of the Wilmington College Community.  The Wilmington College Aggies is one of the largest organizations at Wilmington College. The organization focuses on education and leadership in the agriculture industry. The scholarship offers prospective students an early interest in the organization, and was designed to aid tomorrow’s leaders as they strive to further their education.

2023 Aggies Judging Contest

This year’s contest, the 65th annual, will be held March 1 at the Champions Center in Clark County.



The purpose of this organization shall be:

  • To promote high scholastic standards, leadership, and good character among agriculture students
  • To promote fellowship among agriculture students and with other collegiate 4-H clubs
  • To promote agriculture and 4-H both on campus and in the Wilmington community
  • To render service
  • To cooperate with the student body, the agriculture department, and other student organizations
  • To coordinate activities with the Clinton County Cooperative Extension Service and surrounding counties


  • President: Aubrey Schwartz (740.505.8638)
  • Vice President: Brandon Suever (419.296.9490‬)
  • Vice President of 4-H Affairs: Brandon Barr (937.903.7592‬)
  • Vice President of Membership: Emily Hoene (812.581.0300‬)
  • Secretary: Paige Teeters (937.763.7905)
  • Treasurer: Delaney Weisend (740.213.6855‬)
  • Public Relations: Justin Beckner
Student Experiences

Kendel ChyannAggies & Collegiate 4-H was the first organization that I joined as a student at Wilmington College! It has been clear from the start that this organization supports and builds the agricultural community while strengthening personal development in its members. My involvement has opened many doors for me, from developing networking to followership skills, I am thankful I made the choice to join. – Chyann Kendel 

Zach DeAtleyAggies is a great organization that allows students to not only gain friendships through collegiate 4H, but also gives students activities to participate in that allows growth in knowledge! The activities done throughout Aggies not only allows the students in the organization to learn but also allows learning growth for students. Aggies is absolutely an organization I would highly recommend to incoming students or even students that aren’t already in the organization! – Zack DeAtley

Carley AsherAggies has allowed me to further my skills and experiences in the agriculture industry, while creating new friendships and connections. – Carley Asher