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Agricultural Education Society


  • Promote food, agricultural and environmental sciences
  • Stimulate interest in the profession of agricultural education 
  • Acquaint members of the organization with the agricultural education program on campus
  • Provide fellowship opportunities among those interested in agricultural education
  • Cooperate with other organizations who share similar goals/objectives
  • Develop professional competencies and improve the abilities of members to conduct activities and work with professional organizations 

Executive Committee


  • Hannah Betts
  • Shaye Creamer
  • Grace Dicke
  • Kori Lochard
  • Matt Younker

Student Experience

“Ag Ed Society has given me the opportunity to network with industry professionals as well as collaborate with peers on items pertaining to Agricultural Education. Being involved in this organization has helped me grow as a leader, young agricultural professional and as a teacher.”

-Matt Younker, Founding Member