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Tau Kappa Beta

Tau Kappa Beta was founded in 1948 by 8 young men. TKB stands on the five ideals of Integrity, Knowledge, Service, Leadership, and Brotherhood. Since 1948, TKB has grown in numbers to 581 actives and alumni. TKB receives significant contributions and encouragement from the Tau Kappa Beta Alumni Association, who is behind the active chapter 100% and are very helpful to the members and the organization as a whole. The Members of Tau Kappa Beta currently include:  Tyler Carter, Brad Montgomery, James Lunsford, Elyzer Nieves, Jeremy Boldman, Paul Koerbel, Peter Huggins, Justin Straight, Cody Parsons, Brian Whitten, Zach Wilson, Nick Perry, Austin Gray, and Andrew Esselstein.

Tau Kappa Beta is involved in numerous events on and off campus. Events such as: Monte Carlo, Kettering clean up, Relay for Life, Strength Lab clean up, Card Board City, Clinton County Youth Center, and CCYC Fun Night.

Tau Kappa Beta is the Brother organization to Psi Beta Omega Sorority.

“No man is strong enough to bare his burden alone, so he must rely on his brothers to ease the load.” – Bart Burner

Executive Board

Active Members

  • Kyle Howard
  • Brandon McCammon
  • Logan Hayes
  • Mitchell Belland
  • Brendan Barger
  • Ethan Castle
  • Malachi Shelton