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Psi Beta Omega


PsiBetaOmega“Psi Beta Omega stands for excellence in academics, honesty, and equality.”

The purpose of Psi Beta Omega shall be to promote sisterhood, strive for excellence, encourage individual integrity, and support one another’s endeavors. The purpose shall be to serve the community and to promote and support other Greek Organizations. Remembering that sisterhood is forever, each Psi Beta Omega woman can become a strong, independent, and caring individual. The ultimate goal of Psi Beta Omega shall be the achievement of these traits and the development of contributing members of society.

  • Promote sisterhood
  • Strive excellence
  • Encourage individual integrity
  • Give back to the community
  • Hope to create strong, independent women


Make the most of yourself, for that is all there is of you.

Executive Board

Student Experience

“Being a part of a local Greek organization on a small campus can be difficult; sometimes you have more responsibility overall to keep your organization afloat. By having that extra responsibility, you develop so many interpersonal skills such as leadership, responsibility, time management, and flexibility. There’s no downside to having those skills; that’s exactly what employers look for. In addition, the bond between members of that organization is almost always unbeatable. My best memories of Wilmington College involve my sorority sisters and other fellow Greek life members.” Kaylee Toland


My time as an Omega has brought me countless memories and friendships. It has also made me into the woman I am today. I could not image what my college experience would’ve been like without my sisters by my side. I’m forever grateful to be an Omega.”Sydney Hux


“My time as an active Psi Beta Omega sister cannot be described in just a few sentences. It was full of genuine relationships, professional and personal growth, and so many memories I will cherish for a lifetime. My experience at Wilmington College was made because of my letters.”  – Ashley Dailey