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Delta Omega Theta

Delta Omega Theta was founded in November 1907. This sorority seeks to build lifelong friendships and personal development through our shared values of commitment to the beliefs and spirit of the sorority: trust, loyalty, honesty, and altruism- in order to achieve success and preserve transitions.

Being the oldest sorority on campus, our sisterhood has many traditions and is continuing to grow and build each year. Delta Omega Theta was founded by six women, since then; the sisterhood has expanded to 1,162 members. Delta Omega Theta is a social sorority which promotes the diversity that can be found on campus. Our sisterhood is very passionate about strengthening and growing young women into strong professional leaders.

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2021 Executive Board

DeltaOmegaThetaPresident: Sarah Streets

Vice President: Teiara Saling

Secretary: Emily Williams

Treasurer: Carson Smith

Sorority Advisor
Angela Mitchell

Student Experience

“Coming into Wilmington as a transfer student, I was nervous that I wouldn’t quite find my place. Through the sorority of Delta Omega Theta, I have found like minded women that I not only call my friends, but that I also call sisters. Within the sorority of Delta Omega Theta there are many connections-social and professional- through alumni. I have also served many community service hours with the encouragement of the sorority and my sisters. Service helps us to connect with others within our community; and is one of my favorite parts of being in Greek life!” -DeLanie Weber


“When I came to Wilmington, I was looking for a group of diverse women. I also wanted to find a smaller sorority that so I could really connect with those involved. When I found Delta Omega Theta, it checked all those boxes. Every sister has a different background which makes every meeting, community service activity, and social event a great experience. I’m so happy I found this sorority and anyone that is looking to expand their views at Wilmington should meet some of our sisters!” -Jordan Johnson


“My oldest sister was apart of Delta Omega Theta. She always told me stories about her sisters, and they are still a huge part of her life. When I came to Wilmington my very first day, I was approached by a Delt already asking me to come get more information. From the very first time I met the girls I knew it was a great fit for me. Each year we become closer and we all are apart of so many different things outside of our sorority. There is something new to laugh about and share always.” -Sarah Streets