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Alpha Phi Kappa

The Alpha Phi Kappa Sorority was founded in 1921, and is the second oldest local sorority here on campus. The purpose of the sorority is to promote its members in the areas of friendship, leadership, and service and our door is always open for new great young women ready to make a difference here at Wilmington college. We are a group of girls from all different backgrounds, and studying all different majors so we have something for everyone. Our sorority colors are red and grey, and our brothers are the members of the returning fraternity Sigma Zeta. We are very active in events here on campus, and are trying to become even more active. Some of our huge community service events include, Relay for life and cardboard village. We are also looking into becoming involved with a new woman’s shelter here in Wilmington, and even the new life clinic.

Executive Board

  • President: Mariah Baumer
  • Vice President: Tiffany Hayes
  • Secretary: Courtney Ryan
  • Treasure: Mackenzie Weaver
  • Pledge Mistress: Miranda Gibson
  • Assistant Pledge Mistress: Tiffany Kim
  • Alumni Chair: Rileigh Lefever
  • Community Service: Mackenzie Weaver
  • Public Relations: Courtney Ryan
  • Greek Council: Mackenzie Weaver, Tiffany Hayes, Lauren Galloway, Elie Ross
  • Social Chair: Lauren Galloway
  • Greek Excellence: Tiffany Hayes + Executive Board
  • Academic Chair: Rileigh Lefever