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Quaker Leader Scholars Program

The Wilmington College Quaker Leader Scholars Program mentors young adults for leadership consistent with the principles of Friends. In order to meet that goal, the Quaker Leader Scholarship Program provides instruction, discussion, and experience along these lines:

QLSP GroupA broad knowledge of the Religious Society of Friends in all four of its American branches, some knowledge of varieties of Quakerism across the globe, and familiarity with basic concepts of Friends’ theology and practice. Included within the category of Friends theology and practice are Friends’ understanding of the bible; varieties of worship and spiritual practices; familiarity with national and regional Friends organizations; and experience with Quaker process, with sense of the meeting, with clerking, and with work by committee.

A supportive, trustworthy community within which to ask questions about God, Christ, faith, Friends, church, worship, values, friendship, relationships, and the meaning of life. A community of friends committed to authenticity and integrity in expressing themselves. An opportunity to honestly express joy and gratitude, as well as disappointment, anger, grief, and conflict.

Familiarity with basic concepts of Christian theology and with contemporary movements in American churches, including awareness of the authority of the bible for various kinds of Christians.

Experience in volunteer service, as both participant and leader.

Practice in discernment, listening, and persuasion within a Friends community.

Opportunities to develop a service project.

ELIGIBILITY: Members of the Program may be Wilmington College students who are active in a Friends Church or Meeting, or WC students who are not Friends but find themselves drawn to Friends’ practices. WC students who belong to a Friends Church or Meeting are also able to apply for the Wilmington College Quaker Leader Scholarship.

Quaker Leader Scholars Program Application, 2014-15