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RISE: Aspirational Goals

Strategic Plan 2021-2026

Recognize & Respond to opportunities to effectively market and communicate WC’s mission, vision and Quaker-inspired values.

Inspire & Invest in WC people, programs, technology and infrastructure

Shape & Strengthen the WC community by enhancing resources, recognition and engagement

Effectively  Educate all WC students in a comprehensive, cohesive, relevant educational environment where students learn and launch their personal and professional lives.


Recognize & Respond


Develop and implement a comprehensive strategic marketing plan that results in a new unit to coordinate main and branch campus marketing and branding needs for all areas of the College focusing on:

  • Developing two new major external corporate/institutional partnerships
  • Growing main campus enrollment to 1,250 students (FTE) (undergraduate and graduate)
  • Growing traditional and nontraditional students via new external programs at WC Cincinnati using educational technologies and new delivery methods to 450 students and 13,500 annual credit hours (5x increase)
  • Transforming student body diversity profile to 25% overall
  • Emphasize core value of diversity in recruiting faculty, staff and students to address mission, demographic realities and aspirational goals

    • Add new role: Chief Marketing & Communication Officer

    • Update reporting lines to streamline efforts to support and connections with the 5 A’s: Academics, Advancement, Admission, Athletics and Alumni

    • Allocate marketing and PR resources to highest impact and greatest potential return on investment

    • Immediate investment in marketing to increase visibility via digital, print and events (virtual and face-to-face) at both campus locations

    • Significantly upgrade College website

LEADS: VPEM*, VPAA, VP Adv, AVPAA, VP Ath Ad and PR Director


Inspire & Invest


Identify and implement strategies, including partnership, to help the College leverage our resources to enhance and transform:

  • Housing options (400+ new beds) for first year, second year and graduate students
  • Dining experience (facilities and food)
    • July 2021 – Notifications sent to vendors with questions from task force

      • Aug. 2021 – Top four vendors present to task force: Aladdin, Sodexo, AVI and Hallmark

      • Sept. 2021 – Review, recommendation of top two finalists to President, Contract negotiation and finalization, award and notification sent to successful vendor

  • Student Life facilities and experience outside of the classroom
    • Pyle Student Center
      • Consider removing non-student activity offices
      • Improvements
    • Watson Library
      • Create a Learning Commons that unifies the Library, Bookstore, SRC, Career Servcies, Disability Services, etc.
      • Improvements (coffee shop?)
    • Kelly Center
      • Welcome Center
      • Admission/Financial Aid and Advancement Offices



Shape & Strengthen

Student SUccess & Engagement

Develop and implement a comprehensive retention action plan with new defined leadership, realigned personnel and defined financial resources to:

  • Create a new interconnected “one stop” entity that provides faculty, staff and students the tools to eliminate obstacles to student success
  • Annually increase second semester persistence, first year retention and overall retention each by 1% respectively, contributing to sustainable revenues that will contribute to faculty and staff compensation and operational needs
  • New and restructure staff, curriculum, processes and programming to support rising scholars via a mulifaceted and cross-functional approach to student success and engagement including:Transformative Initiative Graphic
    • WC Scholars of Promise, RISE UP Bridge Program, First Year Connections, parent engagement, student mentoring, Leadership Summit and co-curricular transcripts/portfolios
    • First Year Experience course review/alignment
    • Student advising process review/alignment
    • Assess/investigate: pep band transition to marching band and acrobatic and tumbling team

LEADS: Chief of Staff*, VPEM, VPAA, VP Ath Adm, VPSA AVPAA


Effectively Educate

Distinctive academic excellence

While introducing new graduate programs, develop the “Wilmington Way” designed to ensure all undergraduate students experience:

  • Seamlessly combined curricular and co-curricular learning
  • A meaningful liberal arts foundation that builds relevant career and life skills
  • Our Quaker-inspired core values infused throughout their experiences
  • Proposed New Programs:
    • Ag Business and Leadership Grad Certificates (Fall 2022)
    • MS in Ag Leadership & Development (Fall 2023)
    • Regenerative Ag Undergraduate Concentration (Fall 2022) – replaces current Plant, Environmental & Soil Science Concentration
    • Regenerative Ag Graduate Certificate (Fall 2023)
    • Organizational Communication Online at WC Cincinnati Branch (Fall 2022)
  • Multimedia Technology Lab to support enrollment growth beginning in Fall 2022 in Communication Arts, Ag Communication, Music minor and Theatre – longer term goal is for the lab to be available to all students
    • Space TBD
  • Ongoing Project: Exercise/Sports Science Lab


Traditional Undergraduate Student Example:

  1. Recruitment connected to first year experience identifying “areas of focus” using foundational assessments (e.g. Myers Brigg)
  2. Major/Minor/Credentialing/Pre-professional “signature experience”
  3. Active applied learning experience (e.g. internship, service learning or study abroad)
  4. Professional and personal development tracking and planning (e.g. portfolio)