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22-23 Rise Operational Goals

  • Prepare Wilmington College board, faculty, staff and students for the 2023 HLC Reaffirmation of Accreditation comprehensive visit.
  • Develop financial assessment of academic programs consistent with proforma assessment of new graduate programs and Cincinnati branch.
  • Recruit, on-board and integrate new president's cabinet and senior leadership members to Wilmington College. Chief of staff and VP, chief marketing and enrollment management officer - vacant (combined chief enrollment and chief marketing officer roles).
  • Begin implementation of all professional office/administrative staff standard operating procedure development.
  • Meet or exceed projected total enrollment goals for the College for 2023-24, including undergraduate and graduate students (400).
  • 1st to 2nd semester persistence - 70%, 1st to 2nd year retention - 85%, and overall retention - 70%.
  • Meet and/or exceed budgeted fundraising goal of $2M for 22-23.
  • Work with the Board to create a board professional development plan to review essential board functions including governance, structure, higher education, strategic planning, etc.
  • By Sept. 28, 2002 - produce a plan to finance the current academic year projected $5M operational deficit.
  • By Jan. 31, 2023 - produce a plan to reach a balanced operational budget by 2025-2026 (three years) with a goal of 20% of revenues coming from non-tuition revenues beyond 2026.