Tim Wiederhold

Education , ’15

I never originally intended to go to Wilmington College.  While growing up in nearby Fayetteville and attending Wilmington public schools, I had always thought that I would go away for college and have a different experience in a new city.  That all started to change when health issues surfaced in my family and my college search shifted to campuses that were within an hour of my home.  Then one day, as I was driving down Elm Street approaching Hermann Court, everything became clear.  In that moment, I knew that Wilmington College would be the best choice for my family and me.

My father was a 1983 graduate of Wilmington College, and I’ve always known that I wanted to follow in his footsteps and work in education. The hands-on learning approach that Wilmington College features has allowed me to explore my educational experience both inside and outside of the classroom.  This exploration enabled me to find my true passion for teaching and leadership programming.  My interest in leadership began the week before school started when I participated in WC’s Leadership Plunge program. The Plunge is a five-day program for approximately 18 first year students, and involves learning about leadership and service on campus.  This program influenced my thinking and after completion I decided to dive deeper into leadership opportunities on campus. I have since become a Resident Advisor in Austin-Pickett, president of Lambda Chi Alpha, helped organize future Leadership Plunge programs and I interned for Project TRUST through the Peace Resource Center.  Each experience has guided me toward realizing my passion.

None of my accomplishments would have been possible without the support I received on campus.  This support came in so many forms, some of which you may have also experienced as a student.  There are the professors who take the time to ensure that I succeed, the mentors in Student Life who I can look up to as I pursue my future career, the tight-knit campus community that I can turn to at all times and the scholarships that I receive that have made a Wilmington College education affordable.

Even though I never intended on coming here, I cannot imagine where I would be without the experiences I’ve had at Wilmington.  One of my favorite parts about my college experience is to compare it with my father’s experiences when he was a student. I’ve been able to live the traditions he spoke of.  As I approach graduation and the transition from student to alumnus, I am making a commitment now to the next tradition on the horizon, which is giving back to Wilmington College. I wish for future students to benefit from the same support that my dad and I received.

Go Quakers!

Tim Wiederhold
WC Class of 2015