Taylor Scott

Psychology , ’17

Taylor Scott Embraces Her Wilmington Experience

Taylor Scott came to Wilmington College in fall 2013 content with expecting to excel in the areas at which she stood out in high school: soccer, yearbook, getting good grades.

Indeed, she has done well in each of these areas, but the Lynchburg resident learned there was much more to her Wilmington College experience, something that allowed her to enter uncharted territory within herself and will have a positive impact on everything she does going forward.

“When I arrived on campus, I never expected to be pushed outside my comfort zone,” said the senior majoring in psychology and social work. “My academic adviser saw leadership potential in me and encouraged me to pursue opportunities that would enhance my skills and broaden my world view.”

Taylor’s adviser gave her the gentle — “and sometimes not so gentle” — nudges she needed to explore her potential, which included opportunities geared toward empowering women in leadership roles. “This allowed me to develop a renewed sense of confidence and further define my moral compass,” she said. “These experiences have further enhanced my skill set, which is preparing me for my future career as a school counselor.”

Taylor quickly realized that, as she was gaining this affirmation, she was starting to become “the professional I aspire to be.” She admitted this deeper sense of self also had a positive affect on those areas she already was good at. Besides being a standout on the women’s soccer team for four years and being a good student, Taylor was honored when the College’s 2015-16 yearbook, The Wilmingtonian, was in inducted into Walsworth Yearbooks Gallery of Excellence.

Taylor served as editor of that award-winning publication. “The induction of our yearbook is a big accomplishment and demonstrates the growth The Wilmingtonian has experienced throughout the years,” she said. “I’m really proud of this achievement.”

The Gallery of Excellence is reserved for but a small percentage of college and university yearbooks, and represents a “showcase” of the best that they publish. Walsworth lauded The Wilmingtonian as featuring “superior examples” of coverage, design, photography and copy.

“This induction honors the staff’s exceptional work and dedication to excellence,” the citation read, noting that sales representatives will take the yearbook to workshops and client schools across the country “as exemplars and idea generators.”

The 2015-16 Wilmingtonian was her second WC yearbook as editor, and the College’s current yearbook (2016-17) will be her swan song.

“This May, at my Commencement, I will make the transition from student to alumnus,” she said. “When looking back at my time as a student, I will always reflect upon my development as a professional, my ever-increasing passion for my career and, most importantly, the relationships and memories I built along the way.”