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230 CSA

Richard Buckalew

Assistant Professor,

Richard is an applied mathematician who believes in connecting the practice of mathematics at every level with ideas and applications from other disciplines. In keeping with that philosophy, Richard is interested in problems in developmental and population biology, epidemiology, election mathematics, and the study of games. He is particularly interested in applications of differential equations, dynamical systems, and combinatorics, preferably more than one at the same time. He credits his Liberal Arts education at Muskingum College with helping him build the foundation that has made his career possible.


After graduating from Muskingum, Richard studied at Texas Tech University and Ohio University before working at the Mathematical Biosciences Institute at the Ohio State University. He has braved the icy shores of Lake Superior, but is glad to be back home in Ohio. When he’s not on campus, Richard enjoys exploring the woods with his wife and dog, working on his motorcycle, playing chess, and playing music. He was a founding member of Columbus’ Queen tribute band Mr. Fahrenheit and the Loverboys and a member of the Texas Tech Knight Raiders chess team.