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Nguyet Nguyen

Postdoctoral Teaching Fellow,
Dr. Nguyet Nguyen was born and raised in Vietnam in one of the most beautiful places on earth called Halong Bay. She completed her first BA in International Relations, her second BA in Journalism. She did her MA at the University of Oregon via a Fulbright Fellowship and obtained her PhD in History from American University (Washington, D.C.) in 2019. In addition to her academic training and teaching, Nguyet has worked for NGOs, and governmental agencies, and also as a  journalist and interpreter.

Nguyet is passionate about teaching and growing knowledge by sharing ideas; she has found that she learns a great deal from her students. Her research and teaching areas include the Vietnam War and US Foreign Relations, Asian Studies, Asian History, Gender Studies, Imperialism and Decolonization. She is currently working on a manuscript regarding how Vietnamese in both Vietnam and the Vietnamese diaspora initiated and fostered the global antiwar movement, including that in the United States.  At Wilmington College, Nguyet will teach courses on World Civilization, Asian History, and the Vietnam War.

In her spare time, Nguyet loves gardening while listening to audio books, yoga, hiking with her little daughter, and playing badminton. Her full name is Minh-Nguyet Thi Nguyen; Minh-Nguyet means bright moon in Vietnamese.