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Jason Parrish

Assistant Professor of Agriculture,

Jason is a Horticulturalist and Agronomist who joined Wilmington College in January 2021 as an Assistant Professor of Agriculture.  He received his Bachelor of Science and Ph.D. degrees in Horticulture and Crop Science at the Ohio State University.  Jason’s research specialization in graduate school was Weed Science, Herbicide Resistance, and Plant Physiology.  During graduate school, his teaching responsibilities including leading lab courses in Weed Science, Agronomic Crops, Landscape Ornamental Plants, and Forages.  After receiving his Ph.D., Jason worked for 4 years in the agriculture industry, leading global New Product Development research in fertilizers, biologicals, and plant-protection chemicals, and also volunteers as a Naturalist at Columbus and Franklin County Metro Parks. Jason is a lifelong Ohioan, originally from Lorain County, Ohio.  He married his wife Jennifer in October 2020. Together, they enjoy hiking, camping, and studying wildlife, especially birds and plants.