Janae Wicker

Athletic Training , ’17

Athletic Training, Pre-Physical Therapy

Beavercreek, Ohio


  • Resident Assistant
  • OWL- Orientation Welcome Leader
  • A.C.T. Chair for SLEB – Service Leaders Executive Board (Head of Relay for Life and works with the American Red Cross for Blood Drives)
  • Member of the Honors Program
  • Watchman for the Wilmington House of Prayer (WHOP)
  • Represented Wilmington College at a Fayette County chapter meeting for the American Association of University Women.
  • XA – Chi Alpha – Christ Ambassadors
  • Faith in Action
  • Sand Volleyball

Internships/Career opportunities

  • Home Care Technician for Goodwill Easter Seals – working on rehabilitation of individuals with special needs and teaching social awareness.
  • Hostess for TGI Friday’s

What about Wilmington College have you enjoyed/benefited from the most?

I have definitely benefited from being in a smaller atmosphere. It’s nice to know that I am a name with a face and not a number. I feel that there is a lot of healthy competition within our school that works through team building. Once you find the people willing to work hard you naturally fall into a system of bouncing ideas off of each other and pushing each other to do better. The wide variety of organizations and leadership positions on campus has also been extremely fruitful in my life as I’ve honed by ability to balance my time and identify my limits. In addition to building my network I’ve learned how to collaborate with those connections instead of biting my lip and pushing through things I don’t feel comfortable with. Wilmington College is helping me develop as a person thru the challenges I face academically and in the leadership opportunities I have while adding to my network of resources.

Any other interesting story/event you would like to share about your time at Wilmington College?

Although an incomplete story, becoming the head of Relay for Life has been extremely challenging and eye-opening for me. Through the Service Leaders Executive Board I found myself in a position where I would be responsible for the largest event on campus. Although I have had experience planning out my schedule and planning out other events, this is a big responsibility for a sophomore with no prior experience with Relay for Life planning. I have been able to practice my time-management skills, collaborate with my peers for their advice and assistance, and pursue the help laid out for me. While I’m still in the process of planning out Relay for Life I have a head start and a supportive team that I can rely on.

Why would you suggest Wilmington College to prospective students and their families?

Wilmington College has a mission in every students’ life. It’s to provide a safe learning environment and to give each student the tools to succeed in all they do, academically and in a career field. Wilmington wants you to succeed in everything you do and they provide you with every resource you could imagine to do so, but they ultimately want to teach students how to be responsible for his or her future and how to pursue a career. Something that has impressed me about Wilmington is that when I find that someone is struggling in their life, whether academically, socially, or mentally, we offer the students resources to battle his or her obstacles and overcome those difficulties. We don’t hold your hand and drag you through the motions we think necessary, we offer you a hand and let you go at the pace you identify is most effective.