Brianna Knisley

Sustainable Development , ’15


  • Past: Student lobbyist representative for FAHE conference at WC
  • Westheimer Peace Symposium student host
  • Facilitator for on-campus voter initiative


  • Quaker Heritage Center Staff
  • Westheimer Peace Symposium committee member
  • Honors Student

Internships/Career opportunities

  • Internship with Energize Clinton County (during which I helped to facilitate an on-campus project to decrease energy use in the Greek Houses and promote the use of a beta-version of new energy saving technology)
  • I will be participating in a Grant-Writing internship in spring 2015

What about Wilmington College have you enjoyed/benefited from the most?

It has been at Wilmington College that I have met many of the individuals in my life that I most admire and aspire to be like. The community here has been so supportive and motivating; I have found that regardless of what you have “accomplished” by society’s standards, students, staff, and faculty at Wilmington will notice your strengths even while you fail to see them. These people have shaped so much of my life by challenging me to do more for my community, myself, and the world as a whole. As a freshman, I never guessed that during my time in undergrad I would be traveling the world as a volunteer for peace and social justice efforts. The mentors, peers and f/Friends who have believed in me at WC have inspired within me the courage to believe in myself, and more importantly, the courage to believe in humanity.

Any other interesting story/event you would like to share about your time at Wilmington College?

My experience at Wilmington has been exciting from the start. During my freshman year I was able to attend the annual student lobby trip to Washington D.C., and then donate time and service with a Quaker work camp on the Pine Ridge (Lakota) Reservation in South Dakota. Since then, I have been supported by various members of the Wilmington community to be able to travel back to D.C. several times and also attend service/learning trips in Palestine and Costa Rica. These experiences inspired me to design my own major in Sustainable Development, which was finalized last year. As a senior, I know that I will leave WC as a well-rounded individual with a background that will benefit me not only through a job search, but throughout my life.

Why would you suggest Wilmington College to prospective students and their families?

Wilmington College provides a supportive environment that allows its students to grow academically, professionally, ethically, and spiritually. The small student body here fosters a tight-knit community in which you will know your peers and professors by name. Meanwhile, an environment that supports travel and field experience will find you friends all over the world. This college provides a truly unique experience to students through offering ample opportunities for leadership, hands-on involvement and community engagement. At Wilmington College no dream is too big and no person too small.