Steven Broussard

Career Services

MyCom Mentor Steven Broussard is a Psychology major with a minor in Race, Gender, & Ethnicity. While attending his third year at Wilmington College, he has acquired an immense amount of skills through athletic, academic, and extracurricular activities on campus. Steven aspires to become a professor in African American Studies along with becoming a vital activist in African American communities across the nation. Steven’s ability to research impactful ideological paradigms of the past to cultivate a new understanding of the future is a skill that Steven takes immense pride in. Furthermore, Steven’s capacity to critically challenge hegemonic structures with an innovative approach is captivating. Steven’s diligence could ameliorate an institutions collective psychological tension because he will provide new approaches to enhance minority representation and production within their workplace. For example, when Steven was given an assignment on how integrate minority athletes into career services and was able to cultivate am effective plan to broadcast an opportunity that would benefit their college careers. Steven believes in the advancement of the oppressed, marginalized, and disenfranchised and dedicates it life to achieving liberation for the people.