Jacob Hawley-Graham

Career Services

MyCom Mentor Jacob is a Psychology and Social Work double major at Wilmington college. What makes him so good at what he does is his ability to effectively communicate and his ability to fairly and respectfully lead a team without compromising the mutual respect and teamwork pieces integral to teamwork. Another valuable asset he utilizes is individualization. Through this skill, he can take members of a team and identify and utilize their unique talents and skill set to make them feel productive and an asset to the project. In addition to this, he is proficient in the complete Microsoft office suite which enhances his ability to communicate and convey messages to coworkers and/or team members. These assets benefitted him on the job on several occasions one being when he recognized that his coworkers worked differently and at different paces, and by acknowledging this and channeling their passions he created a work atmosphere conducive to their distinctly different work styles. Due to his elevated interpersonal skills, Jacob is ready for any job and is prepared to work in any environment with any coworker and any management style with the ability to adapt to any personality around him.