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Brandon Ford

Career Services

MyCom Mentor Brandon Scott Ford, Jr. is an Accounting and Communication Major at Wilmington College pursuing a career in the accounting field. Brandon is an active listener who is able to dissect important information from significant conversations and is also able to communicate it back effectively. He will analyze and utilize, information presented in financial statements to put finances into its proper context.  His primary goal is to restore financial stability in your organization. Brandon is able to think deliberately to detect the risk in decisions before they are made. For example, while attending a summer program at Xavier University, Brandon and other students from different high schools were making a decision on which of the two local organizations should receive an investment from the program. These organizations support the poor communities of Cincinnati, Ohio. During the conversation, conflict arose. Brandon spoke in the midst of the conflict and brought a proper perspective on the two organizations. The comment brought a sense of unity and rest to the table. It was a key factor in the decision making process.