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Anastasia Benner-Iiames

Special Assistant to the Office of the President,
President's Office

Anastasia Benner-Iiames is an experienced Administrative Professional with a background in the Legal and Medical industries. A 2014 graduate of Shawnee State University, she possesses an Associates Degree in Business Administration, with a minor in Legal Assisting. Formerly a Legal Administrative Assistant for firms in both the Hamilton and Adams Counties of Ohio, she has worked closely with various individuals associated with the 4th district court system.

In addition to her legal background, Anastasia has educational and clinical experience in the Medical field, serving the patients of multiple hospitals in Clinton and Adams Counties during her clinicals with the Southern State Community College Respiratory Program. Though she did not complete the program, those experiences and accumulated knowledge have been instrumental in aiding many subsequent personal and professional situations.

Anastasia’s current role as Special Assistant to the office of the President provides a support to multiple members of the operational department of Wilmington College.

In addition to her professional interests and accomplishments, Anastasia serves as a recently (April 2021) certified Foster Parent under the Clinton County Child Protection Unit of Job and Family Services. She lives in the Highland County area with her nine year old child and Siberian Husky. Her personal interests include: recreational photography, cooking, hiking, church community and various cultural experiences.