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Amanda Rollins

Assistant Professor,

Before joining the Biology faculty at Wilmington College in the Fall of 2018, Amanda earned her PhD in Biological Anthropology from Indiana University. Much of her research is focused within the subdiscipline of paleopathology, to identify and understand evidence of trauma and disease in the past. Her previous fieldwork experiences include an archaeological excavation at Arrow Rock, MI and research in community-based wildlife management at the Kimana Community Wildlife Sanctuary in Kenya, Africa. She also has extensive research experience with the skeletal material at the Indiana University Human Osteology Collections. Her volunteer work includes participation in Americorps Corporation for National Service, Alpha Phi Omega National Service Organization, and with a public education and outreach program in forensic science at the Wonderlab Children’s Museum in Bloomington, IN. Amanda is also one of four members of the Championship Team, the Puzzle Raptors, who won the Monroe County Historical Society Annual Jigsaw Puzzle Competition in 2017 and 2018. At Wilmington College, Amanda teaches courses in introductory biology, molecular biology, animal behavior, human origins and prehistory, and research participation.


  • PhD in Biological Anthropology with a minor in Medical Sciences, Indiana University
  • MS in Anthropology, Indiana University
  • BA in Biology, West Virginia University

Published Works:

C. Cook, A. R. Thompson, and A. Rollins. 2013. Death and the Special Child: Three Examples from the Ancient Midwest. In Tracing Childhoods: Bioarchaeological Investigations of Early Lives in Antiquity. Edited by Jennifer L. Thompson, Marta P. Alfonso, and John l. Crandall. University Press of Florida, Gainesville.

J.W. Koehler, M. Bolton, A. Rollins A, K. Snook, E. Deharo, E. Henson, L. Rogers, L.N. Martin, D.J. Krogstad, M.A. James, J. Rice, B. Davison, R.S. Veazey, R. Prabhu, A.M. Amedee, R.F. Garry, and F.B.Cogswell. 2009. Immunological impact of HIV/malaria parasite co-infection using a rhesus model. Altered immune responses in rhesus macaques co-infected with SIV and Plasmodium cynomolgi: an animal model for coincident AIDS and relapsing malaria. PLoS ONE.4(9): e7139

Conference Presentations:

2016 World Congress on Mummy Studies Conference, Lima Peru. Human migration patterns based on genetic haplogroup analysis of the human pinworm, Enterobius vermicularis, from coprolites (with F. Kaestle and K. Reinhard)

2016 Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Atlanta, GA. Genetic evidence for the prehistoric expansion of Enterobius vermicularis parasites and their human hosts in the Greater American Southwest. (with F. Kaestle, K. Reinhard)

2016 Paleopathology Association Meeting, Atlanta, GA. Non-masticatory dental wear in the Middle Woodland component of Pete Klunk Mounds. (with S. Leach)

Midwest Archaeological Conference, Columbus, OH. An assessment of microscopy and genetic methods for archaeoparasitological analysis at the historic village of Arrow Rock, Missouri. (with F. Kaestle, P. Warnock)

2013 World Congress on Mummy Studies Conference, San Diego, CA: A comparison of microscopy and genetic methods of archaeoparasitology at the historic village of Arrow Rock, Missouri. (with F. Kaestle, P. Warnock)

2013 Paleopathology Association Meeting, Columbus, OH. Archaeoparasitology in the historical town of Arrow Rock, Missouri. (with F. Kaestle, P. Warnock)

2013 Anthropology Graduate Student Association Conference, Indiana University, Bloomington. Remembering the little things: parasites in archaeology.

2011 Human Biology Association Meeting, Minneapolis, MN: Project REPA: Investigating trade-offs between lactation and maternal somatic investment in breastfeeding rural Bolivian women. (with H Spielvogel, J Thornburg, and VJ Vitzthum)

2009 Paleopathology Association Meeting, Chicago, IL: Non-masticatory Dental Abrasion in Klunk Mounds 1 and 2

2008 Meeting of the American Association of Physical Anthropologists, Columbus, OH: Parasite survey of guinea baboons, rhesus macaques, and pigtail macaques in an outdoor breeding colony in Louisiana: implications for paleoparasitology. (with K. Snook, C. Massey, P. Dorn, M. McNeese, R. Lundquist, and F.B. Cogswell)