Alisha Hayes

Athletic Training , ’17

Alisha Hayes is currently the Vice President of Chi Alpha, a member of the Sports Medicine Leadership Council, a Resident Assistant, a member of the Service Leader Executive Board, an Orientation Welcome Leader (OWL), as well as a tutor.

On top of all these memberships and leadership roles on campus, she also is an Athletic Training/Pre-Physical Therapy major. During her sophomore year, Alisha interned with Blanchester High School, working their Friday night football games.

“Blanchester High School was my sophomore routine and I felt very prepared because of the classes I had freshman year. During games, I was able to do pregame taping, field set up, on field and off field evaluations, icing after the game, and then clean up. It was a wonderful experience and really helped with my confidence and skills in general. It was nice being with the same school for the full 10 weeks because I developed a relationship with the players and gained their trust throughout the year. It’s a great feeling seeing them go through the cycle and most importantly to see them back on the field.”

For Alisha, one of the most beneficial parts of the internship was being able to actually take the field when injuries occurred, “our ATC allowed us to go out on the field if there were any injuries. Being so early on in the program that was a fantastic experience.”

“At many colleges you’re still a pre-professional sophomore year and still haven’t had any AT classes but at Wilmington you can be in the program before your sophomore year starts. Gaining all this hands-on experience early on in the program will help me be successful throughout my entire time at WC.”

Alisha has really benefited from Wilmington College’s focus on Hands-On Learning.

“Wilmington really prepares you for the internships and activities that you are able to do, and it also improves your everyday life with how you carry yourself and interact with others.”

Alisha also participated in WC’s Summer Leadership Plunge. “Summer Leadership Plunge made the transition here so easy. I felt much more prepared and ready to take on the new chapter in my life and it’s where I’ve met some of my best friends; the people that have helped me stay focused and get to where I am.”

“People want to help you, and they want you to succeed.”

Why Wilmington College?

It’s a small, personable school! It’s a school that for me made the transition from high school easier. There is an unbelievable amount of opportunities to get involved and that starts from day one. Wilmington College is also wonderful because you don’t have to limit yourself to only doing one thing. You’re able to join multiple clubs and activities, even as an Athletic Training major. WC is definitely a college that makes you feel like you’re home!