Campus Parking Permits and Regulations

August 11, 2022

Message from Nina Scott, Director of Campus Safety

Students, please take time to register your vehicle at this link In order to purchase your Parking Permit, you will need to Log in with your Last Name and  School Identification Number. Students can also  go to the WC App under Student Life and click on Campus Safety to purchase a Parking Permit. Parking Permits should be mailed to your Campus Mailbox Address.

Parking Permits are $100 for the entire academic school year. Students graduating in December 2022 please contact Campus Safety to purchase your permit in person. All Students must have a Valid Parking Permit in order to park in any Wilmington College owned Parking Lot. Students  residing in any Campus house must also purchase a parking permit.

Please allow me to review the parking regulations for the Center for Sports Sciences (CSS) Lot as we have received several calls in the past few days from Drayer Orthopedic, Beacon Physical Therapy and Aerials’ Gymnastics. The first 12 spaces on the north side of Hermann Court are reserved for Aerial’s Gymnastics. Upon entering this parking lot you will see a sign stating “Aerials’ parking only.”

Also, please note that CSS Lot is divided in half for student parking and for clients of the CSS. Another sign is posted which states “Medical Office Building Parking Only” and is distinguished by yellow parking stripes while College parking spaces have white stripes.

Students or visitors to  Wilmington College are not permitted to park in any Wilmington College Parking Lot without a valid permit and are subject to a parking citation of $75. Citations will be issued 24 hours a day 7 days a week all year. If you have guests visiting campus, please contact Campus Safety to make arrangements for a Temporary Parking Permit. This is only issued to students with Parking Permits. All guests using Wilmington College-owned lots will fall under the Wilmington College Parking Policy while on Campus. If you have any questions please contact Campus Safety at (937) 382-0100.

 Please remember that we will give notice before we start issuing parking citations.