2005 Grad Named Ohio District 10 ‘Teacher of the Year’

June 4, 2018

Megan Stiltner Large Recalls Transformational Experience at WC

When Megan Stiltner Large was named Ohio District 10 “Teacher-of-the-Year” this spring, she was especially pleased to share her good news and thank those members of Wilmington College’s faculty and staff who contributed to the transformational experience that began when she arrived on campus in fall 2001.

PICTURED: Megan Stiltner Large teaches a class at South Webster High School.

“To say I was quiet and shy is an understatement,” she recalled. Indeed, she hated being away from home, never went to summer camp and rarely had sleepovers with friends. “In high school, I hid in the back of the classroom and prayed that I could go unnoticed.”

Upon Large’s arrival at WC, her mother was convinced she would not make it through the first night. Flash forward four years.

“By the time I received my degree in 2005, I was a completely different person,” she said. “I had become a confident, outgoing, strong woman.”

Large credited the remarkable transformation to her friends, roommates and tennis teammates, “but, most of all, my professors pushed me to my limits. I had excellent role models in both the Education and History departments, as well as a few special professors in political science and psychology.”

Flash forward to today. Large teaches U.S. history and psychology at South Webster High School near Portsmouth in southern Ohio, where, “I have the greatest students in the world and am blessed to work with amazing educators.”

Large credited her “top-notch” education at WC. “I attribute all of my success to the people who surrounded me while I was there,” she added. “I continually tell my students about my fantastic experience at WC.”