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Program Costs

Master of Science (MS) in Occupational Therapy

Cohort Deposit

Students offered admission to the OT program will be required to make a $500 deposit to secure and hold their “slot” in the cohort. Once the student begins the program, that deposit will be placed towards their first semester tuition costs.

Estimated Two-Year Cost to Attend
Tuition 75 credit hours ($875/credit hour) $65,625
Fees OT Lab ($50/lab credit hour) $850
Health ($125/year)* $250
  Recreation ($100/year)* $200
  Technology ($550/year)* $1,100
  Tuition/Fees Total $68,025
Other Required expenses State and National OT student Professional memberships ($100/year) $200
  Estimated textbook costs ($500/semester) first 4 semesters $2,000
  Drug Testing Service $29
  Background Screening Service $63


All amounts are estimates and subject to change at any time.

Additional anticipated costs: Living expenses, incidental expenses such as uniforms, vaccinations required for internships, and additional expenses incurred during fieldwork.