Giving Tuesday 2019

Wilmington College is now in its sixth year of celebrating #GivingTuesday. Last year, WC set an all-time record, raising $100,000 in just one day! This year we are trying to set a new record of 500 gifts in just one day. These gifts will be used to directly impact the programs and departments that make Wilmington College unique and distinctive. Even gifts of a few dollars add up! This year, #EveryGiftCounts.

Make a Gift

Project Goal
Chamber Music Series $5,000
For the Future of Disability Services $5,000
Diversity & Inclusion Immersion Trips $5,000
WC Sound Lab $4,692
Let There Be Light $2,000
Soccer Benches $5,000
OT Apartment Lab $3,800
Foucault Pendulum $1,833
Quaker Tank $5,000
Quaker Media $7,618
Service Immersion Trips $2,600
Intramural Sports Equipment  $5,000
Quaker Thunder Pep Band $5,000
Peace Resource Center Response Project  $5,000
Athletic Training Experience: Patient Simlulator $2,000
Student Scholarships $5,000

Project Descriptions

Chamber Music Series

GOAL: $5,000

Bringing high quality, world-class classical music to the college while deepening connections between the college and the Wilmington community

The Chamber Music Series will be presented by the Music Department in partnership with the historic Murphy Theater in downtown Wilmington. The series will consist of 3-4 concerts of classical chamber music per academic school year, in late August, early November, January or early February, and April. Each concert will also feature an afternoon workshop, and a meet-and-greet with the performer(s) afterward. Students will have free admission, and general admission will be $10 (a season pass can be purchased for a discount).


  • Performer fees and travel accommodations

Make a Gift to the Chamber Music Series


For the Future of Disability Services

GOAL: $5,000

Wilmington College is growing! With increasing enrollment, comes a heightened demand for disability services. Each semester more students are taking advantage of the critical services offered by this department including, readers, writers, tutors, note-taking software and much more.

This project would secure critical funding to ensure that the department can meet the needs of the growing student population.


  • $800 for four pet therapy events
  • $300 for multiple sets of new headphones
  • $2000 for one year of note-taking software
  • $900 for enhanced reading and writing software for readers and scribes
  • $1000 for a student worker

Make a Gift to Disability Services

Diversity & Inclusion Immersion Trips

GOAL: $5,000

The Office of Diversity & Inclusion has offered two experiential diversity trips each academic year since 2016. Each year close to 50 individuals take advantage of these transformational trips.

Each year, the group visits Washington, D.C. and takes a civil rights history trip to the Deep South. While in D.C., students visit four cultural museums on the National Mall. These museums include the National Museum of African American History & Culture, the National Museum of the American Indian, the United States Holocaust Museum and the American History Museum. Since 2016 this trip has grown from nine individuals to 37.

During Spring Break, the group travels to either Atlanta, GA or Memphis TN. While in Atlanta, students visit several historical landmarks along the Alabama Civil Rights Trail, including stops at Tuskegee Institute, Selma, Montgomery and Birmingham. While in the Memphis area, students visit the famous Lorraine Motel, Central High School (Little Rock, Arkansas), and several landmarks in Mississippi.

WC strives to make these excursions affordable to all students. The student contribution is never more than $275. We believe that the cost should never prohibit a student from participating in these experiences.


  • DC group lunch
  • Lodging
  • Van Rental & Fuel
  • Financial assistance for qualifying students

Make a Gift to Diversity & Inclusion


WC Sound Lab  (Communications Recording Studio)

GOAL: $4,700

Recently WC Communications has experienced a resurgence in student interest in hands-on experiences. The WC recording lab is an example of this. Recently, the department has been able to upgrade its sound recording facilities to improve aesthetic and environment. There has been increased usage of the studio by classes, faculty, current students and alumni.

The school has tried to keep pace with the constant changes in technology and has purchased solid and sustainable peripheral sound recording equipment, however, due to the constant upgrades in native operating systems that outgrow the physical capabilities of the computer itself, equipment must be updated often. The recording studio currently needs two new computers with the processing power to adapt to today’s technological demands for sound recording, processing and editing. The newest computer being used by the sound lab was manufactured in 2014.


  • Two 2019 Mac Minis
  • Two Studio RTA Producer Station Desks
  • 46” – TV/Monitor (Control Room station)
  • 32” – TV/Monitor (Classroom station)
  • One pair of JBL 308P MKII 8″ Powered Studio Monitors
  • One JBL LSR310S 10″ Powered Studio Subwoofer

Make a Gift to the WC Sound Lab


Let There Be Light

GOAL: $2,000

The June and David Harcum Art Gallery is looking to upgrade its traditional lighting to new LED lights. These new fixtures would allow us to brighten up the Gallery and illuminate the artwork on display. The new light fixtures would be more energy and cost-efficient, helping our campus stay green and enhancing the quality of the exhibit experience.


  • LED Lighting

Make a Gift to “Let There Be Light”


Soccer Benches

GOAL: $5,000

Men’s and Women’s Soccer collectively had a strong season with the Women’s team making it to the OAC tournament. Now, they are teaming up to raise funds for sideline bench shelters. This projects will add professionalism and an improved aesthetic to Williams Stadium during soccer matches. The teams are constantly looking for ways to make the stadium feel more like a soccer facility (like the old days of Gilhart field).

Although our goal is set at $5,000, the total cost of the project is $10,000 and the Men’s and Women’s soccer teams will be covering the additional costs.


  • Two Covered Benches

Make a Gift to the WC Soccer Teams


Occupational Therapy Apartment Lab

GOAL: $3,800

Our new program in Occupational Therapy (in development) centers on helping people with disabilities, injuries, and illnesses do what they want to do in their daily lives. This often requires learning how to do things in new, adaptive ways. Having a real-world environment in which to practice the required skill-building, allows the client to be well-prepared for returning home.

We would like to raise the necessary funds to create an “apartment lab,” purchasing appliances, a twin bed and couch. This lab will serve as a staging area for OT exercises, training our students to help their patients navigate their home environment. The space will also serve the dual-purpose of acting as a break area for our OT students, who will spend an average of 6-8 hours each day in class.


  • $700 for a Refrigerator
  • $700 for a Stove
  • $1000 for a Washer & Dryer
  • $600 for five tabletop microwaves
  • $300 for a couch
  • $500 for a twin bed, mattress, and box spring

Make a Gift to Occupational Therapy


The Wilmington College Foucault Pendulum

GOAL: $1,850

In 1851, Leon Foucault suspended a 27 kilogram pendulum bob on a 67 meter long wire at the Pantheon in Paris. This pendulum provided the first direct dynamic evidence that the Earth rotates about a polar axis.

The Wilmington College Department of Science would like to purchase a pendulum to be placed on the second floor of the CSA. This would provide students with a visual piece of “science in action,” similar to the saltwater fish tank on the first floor, which was funded through Giving Tuesday 2018.

From a teaching perspective, such a pendulum will allow students to take measurements of how much the angle of the pendulum’s plane has shifted over time. This will allow them to calculate the speed of the earth’s rotation at Wilmington College’s latitude and calculate the latitude of Wilmington College.


  • $1433 for a United Scientific Supply pendulum
  • $400 for installation

Make a Gift to fund the Foucault Pendulum


Quaker Tank

GOAL: $5,000

Quaker Tank is open to all students at Wilmington College to celebrate the spirit of youth entrepreneurship and innovation. Quaker Tank is a structured competition to help students enhance their understanding of starting a business or starting a social movement, and develop their ventures in both a collaborative and competitive environment.

Near the end of the spring semester, a competition will be held at The Murphy Theatre in downtown Wilmington that is modeled on the famous ABC TV show, “Shark Tank.” The focus of the event is to bring business leaders and Wilmington College’s future entrepreneurs together at a neutral site, in front of a large community-based audience that can watch the drama and suspense unfold on stage. By making this a free theatrical event to attend, the hope is to increase the potential size of the audience, thus allowing for community support in student endeavors, potential angel investors, and hopefully volunteer mentors will emerge that can help build strong foundations to launch successful businesses or social movements. Seven finalists (selected through a screening process) will be invited to take part in the event. Five judges will be given money to spend on the finalist as they wish during the event – much like the TV show.


  • $2,000 for location
  • $1,500 for refreshments
  • $500 for marketing
  • $500 for decor
  • $250 for music/MC
  • $250 for misc.

Make a Gift to Quaker Tank


QUAKER MEDIA: The Quake, The Woodhouse and The Witness

GOAL: $7,618

Last year’s Giving Tuesday campaign for The Quake, Wilmington College Radio was a huge success and allowed for the dynamic growth of this new endeavor. Over the last year, many students have come forward to host radio shows, and the department is continuing to expand our reach and capabilities when it comes to student media.

Our new goal is to produce live video content. Currently, the equipment in use is owned by a faculty member, who allows the College to use it as part of new courses dedicated to broadcast media and advanced photo and video work. WC has seen such a great demand for this product that the department wants to purchase its own system. We have already covered several athletic events and produced our annual Westheimer Peace Symposium live this year, for the very first time! We have students volunteering their free time on nights and weekends to be a part of these broadcasts, who are not even currently enrolled in a course, and are receiving no credit for this work. That’s how excited some folks are to be a part of our new project, which is tentatively called WCTV!

The Witness and The Woodhouse, have returned to print format for the first time in nearly a decade, and are released on a regular schedule. Students continue to work hard to produce top-quality work. TheWitness staff diligently assemble their paper and distribute the issues to individual offices and dorms on campus. The newspaper shows up at your door for the first time in years! Additionally, The Woodhouse, our student-produced literary book, is being edited by a vibrant editorial staff that is working closely with the Writing Center and the Student Resource Center to compose a high quality publication that can be enjoyed for years to come!


  • Video Equipment for WCTV:
    • Canon Vixia Cameras x 3
    • Sling Studio Hub
    • Camera Links x 3
    • Sling Hub Battery
    • Sling USB-C Hub
  • The Woodhouse:
    • Printing and production
  • The Witness:
    • Three iPads for publication design

Make a Gift to Quaker Media


Experiential Service Immersion Trips

GOAL: $2,600

Travel and service are two of the most impactful experiences that help mold our view of the world and the leaders that we become.

The Center for Service and Civic Engagement wants to extend its radius of service and allow students to immerse themselves and serve in diverse communities. This past year, the Service Leader Executive Board took two service trips to Detroit, Michigan, where they partnered with Cass Community Social Services, an established agency that offers an array of service projects for volunteers. The WC groups that served performed activities that included: home interior restoration, painting of “tiny homes”, tending their community gardens, making rubber door mats from recycled rubber, assisting in their recycling facility and preparing meals at the homeless shelter.

These trips leave an indelible mark on the participants. Recently, there has been a heightened desire among the students to partake in this opportunity. This fall, the CSCE is once again serving in Detroit and has also agreed to serve in Chicago. In the spring, they are looking to serve in West Virginia and the Appalachian region.

The trips are weekend excursions and free of charge to the students. However, the increased demand has expended the current budget. Costs for the program incurred may include lodging (if agency can’t provide), food and transportation for these activities.

We are seeking to establish a fund that can support two trips per academic year with an average of 10 to 15 individuals.


  • $600 Van rental and fuel (est.) per trip
  • $400 Lodging per trip
  • $300 Optional Meal Sponsorship (est. 10 people @ $15 each; two meals max per trip)

Make a Gift to Immersion Trips


Intramural Sports Equipment

Wilmington College Intramural Sports have been revived after being inactive for the last couple of years. After a semester of just five different sports (Sand Volleyball, Cornhole, Flag Football, Table Tennis, and 3v3 Basketball), 31% of residential students and 21% of the entire student body have gotten involved and are continuing to do so at a growing rate. We hope to keep broadening our options for all who want to participate in the semesters to come!


  • Bubble Soccer Suits
  • Innertubes and Goals for Innertube Water Polo
  • Floor Hockey Equipment
  • New flags and Equipment for Flag Football

Make a Gift to Intramural Sports


Quaker Thunder Pep Band

The Quaker Thunder Pep Band is a relatively recent addition to Wilmington College. With nearly 40 members, it is the College’s hope to harness this momentum and eventually develop a marching band. Your support ensures that we have the necessary equipment to continue performing and adding new musicians.

Make a Gift to Quaker Thunder


Peace Resource Center Response Project to the 75th Anniversary of the Atomic Bombings

GOAL: $5,000

The Peace Resource Center and Wilmington College Assistant Professor of Music, Brianna Matzke will invite 6-7 visual artists, poets, filmmakers, photographers, dancers, and musicians from across the United States to create original compositions to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. These works will be highlighted at the 30th Annual Westheimer Peace Symposium on October 1, 2020. Those artists invited to compose original works will be invited to visit the Peace Resource Center in spring 2020 and choose a material, an archival document, film, photograph, or art work in the PRC’s collection from which to draw inspiration for their original piece. Please consider supporting the “Response Project” and the artists involved so that their work may provide a space for contemplation and action in regard to abolishing nuclear weapons throughout the world.

Make a Gift to the PRC


Patient Simulator for Athletic Training Education

GOAL: $2,000

Please consider making a gift that will allow our Athletic Training students to practice their medical skills with the patient simulator at the TriHealth Center for Simulation and Education on four separate occasions (twice each for our Junior and Senior level students). This will allow for an evaluation of their improvement over time as they gain critical thinking skills and confidence in their abilities. The Center for Simulation and Education offers a controlled environment to help students of all levels integrate medical knowledge and critical thinking, as well as learn and practice fundamental and advanced technical skills through task, procedural, and patient simulator platforms. Patient simulation is recognized as a resource for improving healthcare services and to create a place where students can learn in a safe and dynamic environment


  • TriHealth Center for Simulation and Education Four 1-hour sessions @ $500

Make a Gift to Athletic Training

Spanish Education Enrichment

GOAL: $2,000

By making a gift to Spanish Education Enrichment at Wilmington College, you can provide travel assistance (including aid for the cost of passports) to students studying and traveling in Spanish-speaking countries. Additionally, funds will contribute to domestic Spanish enrichment opportunities and we would also like to revive the long-dormant Spanish club at WC.

Make a Gift to Spanish Education Enrichment



Student Scholarships at WC

Scholarships provide integral support to our students. Qualifying for scholarships is often the deciding factor on whether or not a student can afford to attend college. Please consider making a gift to support our students this Giving Tuesday.

Make a Gift to Scholarships