Giving Tuesday 2018

Wilmington College is now in its fifth year of celebrating #GivingTuesday. Last year, WC set an all-time record of over $55,000 in gifts and each year has seen more and more donors get involved. This year, WC has set a goal to generate $75,000 in gifts in just one day! These gifts will be used to directly impact the programs and departments that make Wilmington College unique and distinctive.

In order to sign up to be an advocate for #WCGivingTuesday, you must first sign up for a GiveCampus account! When signing up for an account, please make sure to list Wilmington College as your College. Once you have signed up, download our Giving Tuesday Toolkit to learn how to become an advocate and support the project(s) that are special to you!

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Giving Tuesday Challenges
Project $ Goal  
The Quake, Wilmington Radio $4,140 LEARN MORE!
Pitch-It $5,000  LEARN MORE!
AT Patient Simulator $2,000  LEARN MORE!
Disability Services $4,425  LEARN MORE!
Marine Aquarium, Biology Department $4,860 LEARN MORE! 
Harry Potters Wheel $1,000  LEARN MORE!
QHC Collections Growth and Care $8,000 LEARN MORE! 
Global Expressions of Peace $5,000  LEARN MORE!
Social Science Community Outreach Program $1,980 LEARN MORE! 
Music and Media Minor $3,000 LEARN MORE! 
Project Descriptions

The Quake, Wilmington Radio

Wilmington College students have expressed significant interest in expanding their experiences/coursework in web and radio broadcasting. As such, the Communication Arts program has developed new courses in Broadcast Media, Advanced Digital Journalism, and Public and Media Relations for the 2019-20 academic year. Ideally, those courses will be enhanced with a live, radio broadcasting platform. Radio broadcast opportunities will also be open to the campus community, with training and mentoring provided by students in the academic program. This serves to benefit the entire campus and expanded community by providing greater access to various programming, including (but not limited to) campus news, event coverage, music programs, special interest programs, and sports broadcasts. This #GivingTuesday proposal is to purchase the broadcasting software and copyright permissions required to launch the digital streaming radio station.


  • Backbone streaming service: $300/month or $3600/year
  • BPM Supreme licensed music service: $20/month or $240/year
  • Equipment: $300 (headphones, speakers, microphones, and cables

Pitch IT!

Pitch-It! is open to all students at Wilmington College to celebrate the spirit of youth entrepreneurship and innovation. Pitch-It! is a structured competition to help students enhance their understanding of starting a business or starting a social movement and develop their ventures in both a collaborative and competitive environment.

Near the end of the Spring Semester, a competition will be held at The Murphy Theatre in Downtown Wilmington that is modeled off of the famous ABC TV show Shark Tank. The focus of the event is to bring business leaders and Wilmington College future entrepreneurs together on a neutral site in front of a large community-based audience that can watch the drama and suspense unfold on stage. By making this a free theatrical event to attend, the hope is to increase the potential size of the audience, thus allowing for community support in student endeavors, potential angel investors, and hopefully, volunteer mentors will emerge that can help build strong foundations to launch successful businesses or social movements. Seven finalists (selected through a screening process) will be invited to take part in the event. Five judges will be given money to spend on the finalist as they wish during the event – much like the TV show.


  • Place $2,000
  • Food $1,500
  • Marketing $500
  • Decorations $500
  • Music/MC $250
  • Miscellaneous $250

Patient Simulator for Athletic Training Education   

The goal is for our Wilmington College Athletic Training students to practice their medical skills with the patient simulator at the TriHealth Center for Simulation and Education on four separate occasions (twice each for our Junior and Senior level students). This will allow for an evaluation of their improvement over time as they gain critical thinking skills and confidence in their abilities. The Center for Simulation and Education offers a controlled environment to help students of all levels integrate medical knowledge and critical thinking, as well as learn and practice fundamental and advanced technical skills through task, procedural, and patient simulator platforms. Patient simulation is recognized as a resource for improving healthcare services and to create a place where students can learn in a safe and dynamic environment


  • TriHealth Center for Simulation and Education Four 1-hour sessions @ $500

Project Disability Services

Disability Services is moving! The demand for disability services on the WC campus continues to grow. Each year we are seeing more and more students that need some extra assistance in succeeding in College. This project is a great opportunity for students with disabilities to have a space to test, study, and for families to have confidential conversations.


  • Testing Station Computers x 2= $2,000.00
  • 2 round tables = $500.00
  • Printer= $400.00
  • 2 partitioned desks/cubicles for testing= $1,400.00
  • Headphones with microphones x 5=$125.00

Marine Aquarium – Biology Department

This project would allow the biology department to construct and maintain an eco-friendly marine aquarium for the benefit of students within and outside the classroom. Classes that could use the aquarium include Biological Science I and II, Animal Diversity, Microbiology, Animal Behavior and more. Students may also participate in the maintenance of the aquarium and learn the basics of monitoring a closed marine system. The goal is to place this aquarium in a hallway where it can be visited and observed by students at their leisure.


  • Aquarium and stand: $1,200
  • Canister filter: $350
  • Lighting: $1,200
  • Live rock and sand: $910
  • Protein skimmer: $100
  • Refugium: $200
  • Water pumps: $250
  • Live corals, fish, and food: $600

Harry Potters Wheel

Truly a hands-on learning course, Ceramics has become quite popular as we continue to turn out more ceramic wizards. The number of student muggles has increased substantially over the last several years to the point where it is imperative to add an additional electric wheel that will benefit the growing class.


  • Potters wheel $900.00

Quaker Heritage Center Collections Growth & Care

The “Quaker Heritage Collections Growth and Care” will fund wide-span shelving in the Quaker Heritage Center Collections storage area for the purpose of addressing the Quaker Heritage Collection growth and care at the Wilmington College. In particular, wide-span shelving will allow for proper furniture storage for the rare 19th century Quaker furniture collection as well as aid in the growth of the collection as a whole. The shelving will promote the safe storage and care of our nationally unique Quaker collection.


  • Wide-Span Shelving $10,800

Global Experiences of Peace

Devoted to Funding Internships with Global Partners Devoted to Peace and Nonviolence

Global Experiences of Peace, facilitated by the Peace Resource Center at Wilmington College, is intended to fund a Wilmington College student to participate in a long-term opportunity (1 month or more) to intern with a global peace organization outside the United States. Given the financial difficulty for many of our students to live and travel globally, providing funding for such an experience will help our students and Wilmington College to engage with and participate in a global community of peace as pertains to its Quaker mission.


  • Flight & Lodging

Social Science Community Outreach Research Program

Wilmington College’s Social Science Department staff and students are partnering with local community programs and services to research various community challenges and needs. To make this effort successful and truly representative of the community we require an analytical tool/technology that supports quantitative data and mixed methods research. MAXQDA is one of the most widely used programs for qualitative research at universities and colleges around the world.  Hands-On Learning/Hands-On Living:

We are currently partnering with the Clinton County “You-Turn” Recovery Docket which is a specialized docket within the framework of the Clinton County Court of Common Pleas which serves a target population of those addicted to alcohol and other drugs. The docket provides defendants with an opportunity to avoid incarceration and address their substance dependency issues with support from the judge, probation officers, substance abuse counselors and other members of a specialized docket treatment team. Our goal is to see if we can identify various factors that lead to a successful completion of this program and toward a life of sobriety.


  • Network Licenses – $1,980

Music and Media Minor

The music industry is a fast-changing landscape, and traditional music degrees are utilized less often in today’s marketplace. To address this issue Wilmington College is proposing the creation of a unique Music Media Minor.

This proposed minor will combine classes covering music theory and history, media, and communications, with training in music and media technology and computer skills. The minor will prepare students for a further exploration of the intersection between creativity and communication in today’s marketplace and will enable students to apply both critical thinking and creative skills to the complex realm of music and media. This program would make Wilmington College the only institution among its peers to offer a minor of this nature.


  • Software – $3,000

ACCESS Camp at WC  

(Academic College Campus Experience for Student Success)     

The ACCESS Camp is a primer camp for rising high school juniors and seniors. This camp is designed to provide the attendees to a better understanding and comfort with Wilmington College and what it takes to be successful in a College environment. Of the previous attendees who have matriculated to WC, all have engaged in leadership here on campus in a way or another.


  • $1,200 Room Costs
  • $1,800 Meals
  • $450 Counselor Honorariums
  • $50 Van Rental
  • $200 Camp T-Shirts
  • $50 Education Materials

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